12+ Photographs That Make You Stare In Awe

Elliott Erwitt once said, “To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

Taking pictures has never been easier than today, we have our phones in our hands all the time, and we can easily show the pictures to people who are oceans away. However, taking pictures, as in good pictures, is not only about how accessible cameras are – it also takes a bit of skill, a bit of talent, and you need lightning and timing to cooperate as well. It’s a whole set of things and not merely the camera.

More and more we are witnessing incredible works of art. Photographers all over the world are showcasing their skills and making the world a finer place to look at with each of their photographs. But in many cases, photography, although concrete and still, is an indicator of reality. There are all sorts of ways an image can make one feel, but most of the time it depicts the reality of the world we live in – whatever that reality may be.

Scroll below to see a collection of pictures taken at the right place and at the right time, with outstanding skill.

1. It makes it look like she’s sitting on waves.

photographs that make you stare in awe

Source: © U / bforbyron99 / Reddit


2. Blue Mountains, Australia.

photographs that make you stare in awe

Source: © steven_sandner / Reddit


3. “I was lucky enough to catch this picture of a sailboat during sunset from my hotel room!”

Source: © Anduin_Rexhearth / Reddit


4. “From this angle, this building looks flat.”

Source: © andreasammysosa / Reddit


5. “Outstanding camouflage.”

Source: © amy2kim22 / Reddit


6. Perfection.

Source: © goodgreat123 / Reddit © APagz / Reddit


7. “Cool (almost) transparent wing feathers.”

Source: © ashsaupp / Reddit


8. “The chosen meow.”

Source: © Visardist 2 / Reddit


9. Shadows creating art.

Source: © dittidot / Reddit


10. A picture taken at the right moment.

Source: © starbeak / vk.com


11. “Another angle of the nice sunset last night.”

Source: © laricaine / Reddit


12. “My friend took a panorama and half way it started raining.”

Source: © TheZadok42 / Reddit


13. Yup. Close enough.

Source: © julieeea / Reddit


14. “It takes two Komodo dragons to tango.”

Source: © mocosoft / Imgur


15. “Small bird hitching a ride on an Eagle’s back.”

Source: © U / 5-minutekitchen / Reddit


16. Quite unique!

Source: © unknown author / Imgur


17. Imagine looking up and seeing this.

Source: © vakula1905 / Pikabu


18. “A double rainbow coming out of a rainbow colored truck.”

Source: © DustyOldFarts / Reddit


19. “A piano of puppies!”

Source: © oafcmetty / Reddit


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