12+ Photos To Make You Believe In True Love

Love – this beautiful feeling that fills your heart with so much joy it can almost hurt.

Everyone who’s been in love probably knows that the beginning, the so-called “honeymoon phase”, is one of the best parts of any relationship. You’re getting to know that other person and find everything endlessly fascinating as you fall deeper and deeper in love.

But sometimes, it can also be pretty scary. How do you know it’s going to last? How do you know it won’t just end up getting your heart broken? Well, I suppose, love is a pretty big leap of faith, but to make you believe in true love, people online have shared pictures that prove love can really last.

Scroll down to see them:


1. “My parents after their wedding in 1977. Also them a few months ago during their 40th year of being married.”

Same smiles.

2. “Visited my dad at work. Found this in his office, from 1973.”

Keeping it young is the secret.

© hotpoopchunks / Reddit


3. “My parents, one hour after they met in 1981. They were engaged within the next 24 hours. Still together.”

Truly, love at first sight…

© robinson217 / Reddit


4. Very punny

And very sweet (potato)!

© victoriyuh / Twitter


5. “A few weeks ago my husband and I went to a Harry Potter charity event as Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.”

This is the best thing ever!

© Dotsmom / Reddit


6. “Apparently my wife and I were always meant to be.”

They say opposites attract, but not always.

© ChasingTurtles / Reddit


7. “For our one year anniversary that recently passed I got us one of her favorite pictures of us filled with the all the memories from year one.”

I wonder if there’ll be one for each year…

© Osamakii / Twitter


8. “My nanny and papa in 1935 and again in 1999. A love that lasted a lifetime.”

They still look so in love!

© artistgirl84 / Reddit


9. “After being divorced for 25+ years, my parents reconnected, moved to Texas, and bought a farm. Today they are getting married again. This is their wedding portrait.”

People who are meant to be together, eventually find their way back. (Also, epic wedding portrait!)

© zephyrnug / Reddit


10. “I’ve looked at him the same way since 1975.”

That’s the secret, eh?

© rlhoffmann / Reddit


11. “15 years old to 21 years old. Same concept, completely different question.”

And two kinds of emotional.

© bakeyjordan / Twitter


12. Seventy years later…

That’s someone’s whole lifetime!

© sunlight1408 / Pikabu


13. “40 years later — and that’s my original high-school jean jacket”

Cool as ever.

© Markatect / Reddit


14. A couple who proposed to each other at the same time in a place they both loved: Disneyland

Now, that’s knowing each other well!

© virgoprincxss / Twitter


15. “First photo of us, and 6 years later…”

How beautiful!

© servethyneighbor / Reddit


16. These two, who really are together both “in sickness and in health”

My heart…

© piedmont.org



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