12+ Photos Which Prove That Nature Doesn’t Really Care About Our Wishes

As Fyodor Dostoevsky once said: “Nature doesn’t ask your permission; it doesn’t care about your wishes, or whether you like its laws or not. You’re obliged to accept it as it is, and consequently all its results as well.” So, regardless of what’s going on with people, mother nature seems to work according to its laws, whether we like it or not. However, as much as we like the beautiful sky on a sunny day, the same sky seems to terrify us on a stormy day. After all, it’s just a way of how the universe works, we can’t really do much to mend things that happen in nature.

Let’s see below some pictures where mother nature surprised us with her creations proving us once again that she doesn’t really care about what people think:


1. A duck swimming after a big rain in Ireland.

Source: © epicmoe/Reddit


2. Do you associate it with anything?

Source: © Mymbaka/Pikabu


3. An apple orchard in Ireland after Hurricane Ophelia.

Source: © KRua/Pikabu


4. Here’s what the firefly looks like in our hands.

Source: © Mymbaka/Pikabu


5. Imagine going to work and finding this. No work today!

Source: © Zega/Pikabu


6. Apple everywhere, not in our phones this time.

Source: © gnom22/Pikabu


7.’ When your insurance plan doesn’t cover a flood.’

Source: © Palpat1ne/Pikabu


8. Trees can’t read but who said they can’t eat?

Source: © holykash/Pikabu


9. Never have I ever seen a frozen waterfall!

Photos Of Nature

Source: © Palpat1ne/Pikabu


10. So one day you go to work and you see that your office decided to take a shower. What do you do?

Photos Of Nature

Source: © age104/Reddit


11. The sky after Hurricane Ophelia.


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12. Here’s what Hurricane Matthew decided to do with a landscape.

Photos Of Nature

Source: © thisisnotmyfault/Imgur


13. Have you ever heard about Xavier storm? It looks so precise on these trees.

Photos Of Nature

Source: © Enfantterrrible/Pikabu


14. Some whipped clouds in Kamchatka.

Photos Of Nature
12+ Photos Of Nature

Source: © Hellholder/Reddit


15. Here’s another way of what a perfect rainbow looks like.

Photos Of Nature
12+ Photos Of Nature

Source: © zacharyem/Reddit


16. An unusual rainbow in Australia.

Photos Of Nature

Source: © khemfrov/Pikabu


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