18 Photos Of Everyday Tragedies All Women Can Relate To

As women, we experience daily struggles men will never be able to understand, and they will never be able to sympathize with our pain. Whether it’s the fact that you’ve just finished a favourite piece of makeup, or you’ve had a mishap with your outfit, we feel your pain. You are not alone in your suffering, you brave soul!

Here are 18 of the most common and most painful moments every girl can relate to. This list was compiled by Stylecraze.

1. When it took you ages to find the perfect compact powder cake and now it’s gone


Source: Abby Sigler (Twitter)

2. When you keep pulling your pants up by the belt loops and one day they pop right off


Source: Relatable Quote (Twitter)

3. When you finally decide on an item of clothing you like and they don’t have it in your size


Source: Baylee_baaae (Twitter)

4. When you can’t eat like a normal person because you’ll smudge your lipstick


Source: thefemalebook (Twitter)

5. When you go out to buy new lipstick and are faced with the millions of options


Source: andreafabricc (Instagram)

6. When your perfectly manicured nail breaks, your heart breaks too


Source: faizanmughal22 (Twitter)

7. When you can’t wash your hair without having to deal with this


Source: LoxieInc (Twitter)

8. When the shower drain isn’t the only place full of your hair


Source: jltisdel (Twitter)

9. When your new pair of sheer pantyhose is ruined within a day


Source: yogidoglover (Instagram)

10. When you’re carefully applying mascara and then you blink


Source: germancompanion (Twitter)

11. When a satisfied itch means smudged eyeshadow


Source: MegannStarkkey (Twitter)

12. When your elastic hairbands keep dying on you


Source: ThompsNicole (Twitter)

13. When you need to protect your nails so you find alternative methods for simple tasks like opening a can of Coke


Source: sariexxo (Twitter)

14. When your toe gets in the wrong holes of your ripped jeans


Source: milenaqff (Twitter)

15. When your love for cake trumps your love for super skinny jeans


Source: woahnanda (Twitter)

16. When your metabolism is too fast to allow you to gain weight


Source: lohanicole (Twitter)

17. When your bra tries to murder you


Source: AndreaQuijano_ (Twitter)

18. When your nail polish smudges and you were sure it was already dry


Source: Nalothaina (Twitter)
From: stylecraze

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