12+ Photoshop Fails To Make You Wonder If Those People Were Actually Serious

We’re all a little guilty when it comes to photoshop, we can’t deny that. However, while we all dabble with a little picture editing, removing a pimple or two, or maybe even changing up our eye and hair color for fun, completely changing a body feature and pretending you didn’t isn’t fooling anyone, in most cases.

Unless you’re a master at photoshopping and do that for a living, people can probably tell when you went a little too heavy-handed. Especially if it’s so bad, it’s good.

And you might think celebrities who are so much in the public eye would be a little more careful when posting photoshopped pictures, but you’d be wrong. Sometimes the editing is actually so obvious, you’re left wondering “how did they miss it”? And sometimes, you’re actually sure it was on purpose, or at least you hope so…

So, scroll down to see a number of photoshopping fails that leave you wondering if they were actually serious.


1. Something seems to be missing… Can you tell what?

Source: © elusivellama / reddit

(Hint: There should be something under the tail…)


2. What a little squatting and working out can do, right?

Source: © GarthAIgar / imgur


3. I guess all that working out is finally paying off…

Source: © Arnoldgerman / reddit


4. This check’s a vampire: it has no shadow and no reflection.

Source: © AintViral / reddit


5. What’s their skin care routine?


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Source: Johnmayer


6. What photoshop?

Source: © marlonbrando / Pikabu


7. Arms so big, they bend space and time…

Source: © Kawaii169 / imgur


8. That thigh gap, though!


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Source: Beyonce


9. Got these new kicks, gonna have to peel off the ladies with a stick.

photoshop fails
Source: © NadSauce / imgur


10. Definitely no photoshop!


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11. That’s quite a… unique plane.

photoshop fails
Source: © baryonyx257 / Reddit


12. Did those jeans’ pockets come like that, or…? Maybe it’s a new style?


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13. Clothes for the whole family… and an extra arm! Quite the bargain.

photoshop fails
Source: Imgur


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