Photoshop Troll James Fridman Strikes Again, And The Results Are Too Funny

James Fridman is a photoshop genius. He is capable of altering your pictures in just about any way he pleases to. And the way he goes about it is absolutely hilarious. I mean, he understands your request, however, he always adds some unexpected twist to the picture and will have you laugh out loud.

After he is done altering the picture, James often times replies with one word, saying that it’s done. However, he sometimes conveys important messages about social issues such as unrealistic beauty transformations.

Well, with almost 1,5 million followers on Twitter who are sending him images constantly, it so seems that James is going to be quite busy.

James’ Twitter disclaimer says:

“Do not submit any personal photos that you do not want to be made public.”

And scrolling down below will make you understand why.

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1. I mean, not all heroes wear capes, right? I think James’ message is quite powerful in this one.


2. James strikes again with the important messages.


3. Well, James did as requested, right?


4. Daily friendly reminder.


5. The trolling in this one is hilarious.


6. Balancing out the fun with the serious.


7. Would knitting be better?


8. I did not see this coming.


9. I am in awe. I mean, the picture now does have dinosaurs, so nothing to be too pissed off about…


10. James striking again with the ‘misunderstood message’.


11. I bet the girl is asking herself where she went wrong…


12. Well, he did not specify just how big he wants his arms to be, so…


13. Play it out, if you can.


14. What a plot-twist. Now her hand doesn’t look as awkward, right?

photoshop troll james fridman

15. I would have expected James to add a bald eagle as well, but this is just as good.

Source: James Fridman

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