These 16 Pictures Will Make You Ask ‘Why, People?’

Nowadays it’s possible to capture everything and anything people do in timeless pictures. Some of them really pretty, useful, funny and so on. Others make you question humanity’s lack of awareness of limits and boundaries.

Here is a collection of photos, compiled by Diply, that will simply make you ask ‘Why?’

1. I don’t know what’s more surprising about this

If it was meant to be scary, creepy and simply weird, then it is on point. Good job.



2. See, this happens to me all the time

Maybe you were simply living on another planet, right?



3. I feel like this is an unnecessarily harsh move for a funeral home

Perhaps it could have said ‘if you are in a rush,’ at least.


Reddit | InnenTensai

4. Is there ever a situation where a blow-up doll absolutely has to be inflated within 30 seconds?



5. “After the infamous Brown Wedding’s menu was catered exclusively by Taco Bell, more than 3,000 chairs had to be disposed of.”

Well, probably that was the proper place for them.


Reddit | Loecxi

6. Speaking of unfortunate food decisions, I’m pretty sure this is legit heresy

If you are too busy to go on a diet you could try one of these: you would probably end up so sick, you’d never crave food ever again.


Instagram | @thefunnyintrovert

7. This one is for the Stranger Things fan who really wants to live in the Upside Down

Or someone who likes having nightmares.


Reddit | Alphawolfdog

8. The internet can be a beautiful, magical place. It can also be a place where this happens.

But, why?


Reddit | 01davdav

9. So…is this some kind of performance art, maybe a commentary on how our obsession as consumers has replaced love for others with the pursuit of meaningless trash?

Or just too lazy?


Reddit | jago_87

10. This is weird as hell, but for some reason, it also fills you with indescribable joy

Really? Even the grass field?


Imgur | nuclearwaffle121

11. Are people allowed to be this much in love?


Instagram | @kalesalad

12. I mean, I can see why you might call this an accomplishment. It happened. You did it.

If you weren’t that hungry, you could have simply given it to the dog. At least.


Instagram | @stupidresumes

13. Uhhh, why do I feel like this patchwork abomination is going to jump out of the pan and chase me to my death?

Why on almighty Earth? Why, indeed?


Instagram | @eatblueribbon

14. Somehow, I feel like there could be some secret genius at work here

Coca-cola icecream someone?


Reddit | godofkratos3

15. Frankly, this is someone whose priorities are definitely skewed

Well, maybe she is just working out some issues on the range.


Reddit | loliwarmech

16. Let’s end on a happy note!

The horse understands the dog more than the dog’s owner probably.


Instagram | @ladbible
Source: diply