12+ Pictures Showing That Women Are Totally Remarkable

When we mention the name ‘women’, how can one not see them as great species? A woman gave me my life. They are caring, lovely, versatile and gentle creatures that brighten our days from the moment we are born.  No wonder many poets and artists among the centuries dedicated to women their immortal art –  no wonder they continue to do so even today!

Let’s see some collected photos of women once again where they surprised people whether with their talent, kindness and all the beautiful virtues they possess:



1. She can do it in high heels. Don’t believe me? Just watch!

Source: © BlueGold / imgur


2. “This knight’s daughter came up after all the jousting and ‘healed’ everyone with her wand, and then kissed her daddy.”

Source: © MrKakapo / imgur


3. Same person, different mood!

Source: © cygnus193 / reddit


4. “My mom has this hanging above the dryer in her laundry room.”

Source: © Sn34kyMofo / imgur


5. We can change our looks but still, our inner, loving part of us will reach you.

Source: © unknown / imgur


6. “This 99-year-old woman makes a unique dress every day for little girls in Africa who she will never meet.”

Source: © grilledbutter / imgur


7. Oh, yes and we can be very funny!

Source: © UsernameCurrentlyNotAvailable / imgur


9. “My pregnant wife practices swaddling on a confused puppy.” We like to be familiar with things beforehand!

Source: © Potatoavenger / imgur


8. “How my wife is spending her labor day.”

Source: © thelehmanlip / imgur


9. If we wouldn’t multitask, how do you expect us to do all of that?

Source: © KentuckyforKentucky / imgur


10. “This woman insisted on taking a picture with me. I’m 4′ 8”.

Source: © i_watch_too_much_tv / imgur


11. Hey world, can you stop for a moment? I have something to accomplish.

Source: © djTrip9 / imgur

12. “I’m the only male at an office full of women. I’ve never seen a whole dessert.”  Well, of course, we know what we deserve!

Source: © thefilletshow / imgur


13. And we will surpass any obstacle along the way – just to reach our goals! Like carrying a cactus on our bare hands!

Source: © tomato_n_egg / reddit


14. “A paralyzed woman finishes a marathon with the help of a bionic suit.”

Source: © OfOnAdventure / imgur


15. If we want to feed the squirrel, we will!

Source: © alias28 / imgur


16. “My wife looked like a 60-year-old woman as a child.” It might look to you that we travel on time.


Source: © unknown author / imgur


17. “My mother and I, both age 25.”


Source: © shaylybri / imgur


Can you relate? Any thought or comment? Let us know in the comments’ section, we’ll be reading!


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