These Pictures Of Trains In Japan Show That It’s A Must To Hop Aboard At Least Once

A train is the most convenient means of transportation in Japan, especially for tourists. So if you’re planning on paying a visit to Japan, be prepared as you’re going to be on the train pretty often.

The railway system there is very developed and punctual, all you need to do is think of a place where you want to go and there’s probably a train for there. No, not probably, there is a train for every place. And did you know that 45 of 51 busiest train stations in the world are located in Japan?! Yeah, no wonder they’re so punctual.

Now, let’s take a look at these trains together.

First class

trains in japan
Photo Credit: © Douglaspperkins / Wikimedia Commons © Douglaspperkins / Wikimedia Commons

This train feels like a moving hotel room and has as many as six types of accommodations. The Single Deluxe or A class train is like a room for one and comes with slippers, a bathrobe, and toiletries. The train has also drink vending machines, smoking cabins and lounges. If you enjoy comfort and privacy (did we mention it has lockable doors?), then this is definitely the train for you. Bon voyage!

Six minutes per shower

trains in japan

Photo Credit: © しんかわな / Wikimedia Commons © W0746203-1 / Wikipedia Commons

The showers are ‘pay as you shower’ which means you have to buy a special card to shower. You get six minutes per shower and there’s a countdown displayed on the timer. It’s a bit of a challenge to rinse off the soap and shampoo before your six minutes are over, but hey, it’s a train.

Sunrise Express


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Sunrise Express is an overnight sleeping train and includes the Sunrise Izumo and Sunrise Seto. These trains are connected on the way from Tokyo to Okayama where they split to go in different directions.

While Sunrise Izumo goes to Izumoshi, Sunrise Seto goes to Takamatsu. However, both trains are again connected in Okayama and then go to Tokyo.


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Sunrise Express is a great opportunity to see the beautiful Japanese landscape as well as an exciting experience.

Nobi Nobi


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There are different kinds of seats on board and Nobi Nobi is one of those. The sleeping seats are divided from each other by small wooden walls and have windows to see the landscape as well as people passing by. Looks pretty comfortable!

The Japanese traditions are very much respected even on the train and you will have to take your shoes off before boarding.


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The best thing is you will meet new people and get to know more about their culture. Although getting a seat on the Sunrise Express is pretty tricky as they can sell out days, even weeks in advance.

Second class

trains in japan
Photo Credit: © ウォルサム / Wikimedia Commons © W0746203-1 / Wikimedia Commons

Sunrise Twin, Single Twin, Single, and Solo belong to the B class. The compartments can accommodate one to two persons and although they’re not first class, they are just as good. You can lock the doors here as well if you like privacy, plus there’s room for several people to stay there at once. Great for a gathering of friends!

Brb, getting a ticket for Japan.


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