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Do You Have Body Piercings And If Not, Would You Dare Get One?

Do You Have Body Piercings And If Not, Would You Dare Get One?


Body piercing has been around from time immemorial, with earrings discovered on mummified remains older than 5,000 years. In more recent times, its acceptance in society has grown immensely, with some people even deciding to use engagement piercings instead of rings for their weddings.

If you’re still wondering whether to get one or not, we’ve decided to demystify the whole process behind this type of adornment with the help of one popular Instagram profile dedicated to piercings. Ashley McElvy is a licensed and certified body piercer working for Bone Deep Tattoos, a studio in Camarillo, California which has been voted the best tattoo and piercing studio in Ventura County for four years running.

Sharing content showing her work, Ashley’s account is followed by over 75,000 users and shows almost every type of body piercing procedure imaginable.

quick video of a #tonguepiercing ✨

A post shared by Ashley McElvy (@ashleypiercings) on

Snug piercing

Rook piercing

rook piercing on the lovely @sarnicpen ✨

A post shared by Ashley McElvy (@ashleypiercings) on

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So, do you find those videos scary or exciting? Do you plan on getting pierced, or have you already done it? If yes, we’re curious to know anything about what braving the procedure entails, and what life with a piercing is like.

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