Piers Morgan Thinks David Beckham Kissing Daughter Harper Is “Creepy” And “Weird”

Looking at the below picture of David Beckham and his youngest daughter Harper you would most likely think it’s such a sweet and innocent father-daughter moment, right? I mean it’s just a dad kissing his little girl, what’s wrong with that? Parents show their children affection all the time!

Well, as it’s been proven time and time again lately, people on the Internet can find something wrong with just about anything, including this. The football player posted the picture with his daughter to his Instagram account, captioning it “Christmas is coming Let’s go skate”, alongside a Santa Claus emoji, but he was soon bombarded with a barrage of comments from people who thought the action was “inappropriate”.


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One of these people was also Piers Morgan, who, speaking on Good Morning Britain said the action was “creepy” and “weird”.

“It’s just weird, right?” he said. “Who does that with their kids? Who kisses their kids on the lips?”

Then, Susanna Reid, his co-presenter claimed that “people’s parents still kiss people on the lips” to which Piers replied: “When kids are seven you don’t kiss them on the lips.”

Peter Andre, from the band The Mysterious Girl was a guest on the show, and he was also dragged into the debate. When Piers asked him whether Andre would kiss his own children on the lips, he said: “I agree with some of the points that if you’re going to put it on social media you’ll open yourself up. But they’re taking the innocent out of everything.  I probably don’t now but when they were little kids, yeah, but to me it’s taking the innocence out of everything.”

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But Piers wasn’t done criticizing Beckham, as he speculated that the 43-year-old footballer may have posted the picture with the very intention of sparking a reaction.“They want their kids to be famous and then they complain about their privacy,” he added.

Piers also proceeds to kiss Andre on the lips at one point for some reason, and apparently, the singer has really soft lips if the show’s host is to be believed.

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People over on Twitter also had their own opinions on the matter, with many criticizing Piers this time around, saying he is ruining an innocent moment.

See some of the tweets below:

What do you think? Was it just an innocent gesture, or was what David did really inappropriate?

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