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Make Use Of Everyday Plastic Straws Using These 12+ Hacks

Make Use Of Everyday Plastic Straws Using These 12+ Hacks

The creative mind will make sure to come up with a masterpiece using something as simple as a plain blank piece of paper. That is to say, in the age of the internet, we have come across so many creative and skilled people who have introduced us to the art of being skilled and the beauty of making things on our own. More specifically, ever since we got exposed to works of art and recycling through DIYs, we couldn’t help but ask for more.

This time, we’re going to go through a few ways you can recycle plastic straws and turn them into useful pieces instead of throwing them into the bin. You can clean the ones you have used with a pipe cleaner and you may begin.

1. If you hate the stems of strawberries, here’s what you can do.

plastic straw hacks
Reddit | [deleted]
2. Organize your cables and wires using straws and a marker.

plastic straw hacks
TipHero | HouseholdHacker

3. Make your flowers stand up tall using same colored straws.

Instructables | Mikeasaurus

4. Straws and gold-spray to make this pretty plant decoration.

Hometalk | Ash And Crafts

5. You can even use straws as a loom.

Instructables | KurtH3

And come up with different and unique DIYs.

Instructables | KurtH3

6. Ensure your snacks won’t go stale.

WikiHow | WikiHow

By putting one straw folded under the bag, and then sliding a straw with a slit down the side on top.

WikiHow | WikiHow

7. The reusable straws are not easy to keep clean, so you can use a straw, or pipe cleaner, to clean it.

Imgur | Imgur

8. How to stop your necklaces from getting tangled.

Melange Of Musings | Melange Of Musings

9. Make sure your plants have plenty of water when you travel.

One Classy Motha | One Classy Motha

Use a straw and a wine bottle. Fill the bottle with water and cork it.

One Classy Motha | One Classy Motha

Don’t forget to drill a hole in the cork and put a straw through it and put it in the soil. It will keep the water flow to a minimum. Find the details at One Classy Motha.

10. Use a straw to butter your popcorn evenly at the self-serve area.

Reddit | Reddit

11. Use a straw to vacuum seal bags and keep your food fresh.

Instructables | Mikeasaurus

12. Useful when you go camping.

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Instructables | Not-Dead Undead

Use a straw to keep your matches and spices safe.

Instructables | Not-Dead Undead

13. Straw hack!

Instrucables | Mikeasaurus

Somehow, the straw empties the water from the glass. The shape of the straws creates a siphon and that’s why we can see the water drain from the glass.

Instructables | Mikeasaurus

14. Decorate your room with photographs, using straws.

The Tomkat Studio | The Tomkat Studio


Any thoughts or additions to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.


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