McLean Police Apologize After People Were Not Having It With The Whole “Arresting Elsa For Cold Weather” Joke

A merciless cold has swept through the midwest, halting planes and closing schools, making even some parts of the US who are accustomed to cold weather, prepare for the worst. And this is definitely not a time for jokes.

That’s why a police department in the US had to apologize after previously making fun of the situation by posting on their official page that they’d “arrested Elsa” for cold weather. People were not having it and slammed the post.

police apologize for their "arresting elsa for cold weather" joke
Disney/Sakalas Photography/McLean Police Department/Facebook

Elsa is a Disney princess who can’t control her powers – a power which allows her to create talking snowmen, build ice castles, and turns the whole kingdom into a freezer. Pretty much what some places in America are experiencing right now, minus the talking snowmen and ice castles.

police apologize for their "arresting elsa for cold weather" joke

On Tuesday, the McLean police jokingly posted a picture that shows “Elsa” being arrested, writing:

ATTENTION: Due to the EXTREME COLD weather, all criminal activity and acts of stupidity and foolishness has been cancelled. Even Elsa has been placed under arrest with NO BOND until further notice. Thank you for your attention and understanding to this matter. Respectfully, the McLean Police Dept.

The post which was meant to be funny, didn’t make anyone laugh. In fact, people were angry the police were making jokes out of the bad weather, which has even proven to be fatal. A 55-year-old man in Milwaukee was recently discovered “dead and frozen” after going outside to shovel the snow, unable to handle the freezing cold, according to Fox Carolina.

Back to the police post, the caption implied that the police had taken the photos, however, people quickly recognized them and slammed the police for making fun of a bad situation and ‘stealing’ the photos.

One commented:

Considering those pictures were taken in South Carolina 4 years ago ….. Jeeze, even the police are stealing credit for someone else’s work…

While another one said:

Way to steal photos and credit from a police department in a completely different state McLean….

Apparently, the pictures of the Disney princess getting “arrested” were actually taken in Hanahan, South Carolina, by photographer Tammy Sakalas. Sakalas arranged the funny stunt with the help of Glass Slipper Productions, but that wasn’t their original idea either, as they were inspired by Kentucky police who had previously issued an arrest warrant for Elsa, blaming her for the cold weather, explained Lindsay Page, owner of Glass Slipper Production, for Huffington Post.

McLean police decided to issue an apology due to the lack of credit for the photographer.

ATTENTION: Good morning. Apparently there has been an uproar of our most recent post of an Elsa character being taking into custody. Please note, we posted these pictures along with an explanation in reference to the very severe/dangerous cold weather that we are experiencing in Illinois.

The pictures were actually taken by Hanahan Police Department in South Carolina that we found on the internet…we were looking for pictures to show how cold it was getting and wanted to do something to rise up everyone’s spirit…we cant take credit for the pictures…sorry about the confusion.

They wrapped up saying they didn’t want to take credit for the pictures and were only trying to “lighten the mood for everyone.”

Wishing everyone stays safe during this cold weather!


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