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Police Officer Helps A Homeless Man Shave For A McDonald’s Job Interview

Police Officer Helps A Homeless Man Shave For A McDonald’s Job Interview

I recently heard about an interesting experiment that was done with people. It went like this: there were around 50 people and 100$ was given to each of them, they were asked to spend that money however they want in things that make them happy. According to the results, the people that spend this money helping others, or buying any gifts for other people were the happiest ones at the end of the day.

So take it as you want, but helping others, especially those in need makes us happier and more fulfilled. Thus, if you feel like you can help but you don’t know where to spend some money, look for charity-minded people or organizations and maybe you can spend this money effectively by donating. We also know that you don’t need to have money to contribute, as an act of kindness can happen if you only help an old man cross the street.

After all, it’s always good when you acknowledge the privileges you have in life and thus you are empathic towards people that don’t have these privileges. What an officer in Tallahassee, Florida, did to help a homeless man simply restores our faith in humanity. Phil was told by a local branch of McDonald’s that he can come for an interview as long as he goes clean-shaven. However, even a simple act like shaving can be difficult when you don’t have a razor that works and a mirror before you.

Although Phil bought a second-hand razor, things turned out to be difficult when it broke down.

Here’s a picture of Phil.

And here’s another picture of the officer Carlson that helped Phil shave.

Whereas here is the video, that was recorded when a stranger saw the good deed and decided to share it on Facebook:

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Finally, we hope Phil got the job, and hats off to the officer for the good deed. We definitely need more people like him in the world.


Source: CBS Evening News




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