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Police Officer Reunited With Graduate 16 Years After He Saved Her Life

Police Officer Reunited With Graduate 16 Years After He Saved Her Life


Every day police officers save lives but sometimes we tend to take them for granted. They’re heroes so that’s why every once in a while we have to talk about certain stories that illustrate what a difference they make in our life.

Officer Peter Getz arrived at the scene of a fire in 1998 only to have an unresponsive five-year-old girl fall into his arms. While the firefighters were still battling the blaze, he climbed into the back of his patrol car and performed CPR. His partner drove them to the nearest hospital.


Source: Twitter | @LtFoley

By the time they arrived, Josibelk Aponte, the little girl, was breathing. Even though her uncle died of his injuries, she survived thanks to the police officer who managed to think quick and find a solution.

Getz and his colleagues helped the family recover from the fire and the Aponte family eventually moved away and they fell out of touch.

In the end, Josibelk brought the two back together.

“Every once in a while I get nostalgic and I want to know what happened,” she told the Hartford Courant, “So I did what everyone does: I Googled my name.”

After seeing his name, she looked him up on Facebook too and they were reunited 16 years after the incident.


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Source: Twitter | @LtFoley

Officer Getz is now retired and was able to go and see the girl graduate from Eastern Connecticut State University.

He told the Hartford Courant, “To see the outcome, to see how successful she’s been, makes my heart beat faster.”


This story is so heartwarming! What do you guys think?

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