Police Use The Top Of Double Decker Buses To Catch Drivers On Phones

Police Officers in the West Midlands are using a new sneaky technique to reduce the number of motorists who use their phone while driving. They are using the top floor of double-decker buses as a better way to spot offending drivers.

The police officers are also encouraging the public to upload videos of drivers who use their phones at the wheel. And the technique proved succesful when officers caught a driver texting at the wheel of her Range Rover.

After some motorists were caught using their phones, videos showing the consequences of their action were shown to them. In one of these videos, some people were injured because of the driver’s usage of the phone.

According to BBC reports, the punishment for such driving offenders who break the law is a £200 fine and six points on their license.

A person was brought back to the central zone because he was caught ‘checking his email’. He admitted his mistake and also allowed to be recorded as he spoke in front of the camera.

Another driver was spotted texting while driving.

Double Decker Buses

And West Midlands Police said they plan to use the technique in the future and train up policing PCSOs.

Speaking from the top of a double-decker, PC Mark Hodson said:

Most of the offending are done in their lap, so unless we have a vantage point we can’t actually see if they’re committing the offense or not because we actually have to see the phone. And so, this gives us the ideal position to that from and not only that but we can train up all our neighborhood policing PCSO’s and PCs to do exactly the same when they go on normal bus journeys in their own communities.

Picture of another officer on the top decker of the bus while checking passing traffic for drivers using their phones at the wheel.

Double Decker Buses


We hope the technique will reduce the number of drivers using their phones while driving.


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Source: Dailymail