Polish Artist Creates Stunningly Intricate Art Out Of Eggshells

Michelangelo once said that there was a figure hidden inside every block of marble and that it was the sculptor’s job to set it free. That’s exactly what art is. Finding beauty where it isn’t immediately apparent, taking something completely ordinary and polishing it until it becomes extraordinary. A true artist isn’t limited by the means he has at his disposal. On the contrary, he can create wonders out of the most mundane of objects, like eggs for example.

Well, goose eggs to be more precise. That is exactly what Polish artist Piotr Bockenheim uses to craft true masterpieces. The patience and dedication, not to mention the time, required to make a piece like these is incredible. Using a reductive drilling technique, the steady-handed artist transforms the unremarkable eggshells into beautiful sculptures. The painstaking attention to the tiniest detail results in elaborate decorations consisting of geometric and floral patterns. Under the nickname peregrin71, Piotr then shares photos of the finished products with his admirers on DeviantArt, along with his other works of digital art and photography.

Well, one thing’s for sure. The bar has been set pretty high for next Easter. We have a new standard we need to measure up to when it comes to decorating our eggs…

Here are some of Piotr’s most awe-inspiring creations, courtesy of Diply.



Source: Deviant Art | peregrin71



Source: Deviant Art | peregrin71



Source: Deviant Art | peregrin71



Source: Deviant Art | peregrin71



Source: Deviant Art | peregrin71
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