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Polyamorous Woman Pregnant With One Of Her Four Partners

Polyamorous Woman Pregnant With One Of Her Four Partners

Tory Ojeda, 20, who lives with her four romantic partners: Travis, 23, Ethan, 22, Christopher, 22, and Marc, 18, is expecting a baby girl. The polyamorous group of five live together in the same house in Jacksonville, Florida.

Do the five of them know who the father is?
“Chris is the biological father. We just know that because of the timing,” said Tory, adding that they will raise the baby together, “so everyone’s dad,” she tells Barcroft Media.

Polyamorous woman pregnant
Photo Credit: Barcroft

They will soon welcome the sixth member to their family, but have they thought of inviting more partners into their lives?
Tory: They’re all more than welcome to have another partner. Honestly, I would love it if somebody found a second partner. She finds it difficult to divide her time for all her partners, in order for everyone to feel included.

You can find out more about this polyamory here:

Source: Barcroft TV

The partners of this modern romantic tale admit there’s jealousy in their relationship, but they tend to solve it by talking.

Being in a relationship of this kind makes one the center of judgment.  So, what do their family and friends think about their polyamory?  Christopher, who has been the last person to join this relationship, has admitted his friends did not support him joining the polyamorous relationship, but as he said: My family is slowly coming around to the idea. The pregnancy has helped with that. 

Polyamorous woman pregnant
Photo Credit: Barcroft

On the other hand, Tory who is currently the only person in the relationship to have multiple partners, says her family “is quiet about their disapproval”.
Despite the non-transitional relationship, the parents-to-be, Tory, Travis, Ethan, Mark, and Christopher are more than excited to welcome the baby into their family.

Christopher: I couldn’t think of a better family to raise the baby in. And Travis who is excited about the coming adventure, says: I’m more than ready for it. 

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They will be expecting the baby girl in February 2020.



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