Bride Discovers Her Wedding Cake Is Made Of Polystyrene, Caterer Gets Arrested

Everyone wants their wedding day, or whatever form of celebration for that matter, to go right. With all the planning and the stress it includes, even the slightest form of inconvenience can be a bother.

And, one of the most important things in any wedding celebration, is not only the guests and the decorations but also catering. People try to make sure they get the most professional caterers so their events do not lack a single detail, and the guests, as well as the bride and groom, are satisfied.

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However, there’s this bride in the Philippines who has experienced quite a stressful day on the day of her wedding. The bride cut into the wedding cake and found out it was made from polystyrene, much to her and everyone else’s surprise.

On the 3rd of December, in Pasig City, Shine Tamayo and her partner, Jhon Chen was getting married. The pair had everything planned out by paying a wedding planner an amount of 140,000 pesos or £2,100 to supply the ceremony with the food and the decorations.

polystyrene wedding cake

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After the ceremony at the church, which went well, the couple arrived at the hotel for the reception. However, they found out the company had not supplied food for the guests. The pair, afterward, ordered noodles from a restaurant nearby just to keep the ceremony going and flowing.

However, when the couple was preparing to cut the wedding cake, they noticed that the filling was made of polystyrene and foam. It was at this moment when the bride broke to tears in front of her family and friends.

polystyrene wedding cake

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The police inspected the cake and they have arrested the caterer on suspicion of fraud. A person from Pasig City Police Station spoke about the situation, admitting the investigation is ongoing, saying:

We have confirmed that a large amount of money was paid for the service which was not delivered adequately. The provider, Miss Krissa Cananea, has been interviewed and we intend to take the case to a trial.

The bride also spoke about what happened, saying she won’t accept an apology from the woman who did this and that she has “never been so humiliated” in her life. She said:

I will not accept sorry from her, an apology is not good enough, she needs to go to jail because she ruined my wedding.

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She also said the woman always asked for money, which she gave her since she wanted her wedding to be perfect. She claimed:

The woman we paid to do the food has ruined my wedding. She’s a liar. She always asked me for money and I always gave her what she needs because I wanted my wedding to be perfect.

Oh, the things that people do!


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