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Kids Are Snow Sledding In Giant Pool Floats And We’re Impressed

Kids Are Snow Sledding In Giant Pool Floats And We’re Impressed

Snow days used to be a lot more fun when we were kids. I know I couldn’t wait for the streets to be filled in that first fresh snow, and immediately go and try to make snowballs – but the snow was just too new for that. But apart from the excitement and the snowballs and all that, what (most likely) everyone was thrilled about was sledding! Everything can be used when it comes to sledding in the snow. Wooden toboggans, can lids, even paper bags when there were no can lids nor wooden toboggans. Yes, we are all obsessed with snow-sledding!

However, what I didn’t realize back then that people nowadays have realized is that you can actually snow sled in enormous pool floats. This realization happened after Seattle was struck with a heavy storm on Tuesday. Nine kids got their flamingo-shaped pool float ready and decided to cozy up in it and enjoy the snow, as PopSugar reports.

We were left quite amazed when we saw a video shared by the meteorologist, Scott Sisek, on Facebook. The kids raced down a hilly street truly looking like there was nowhere else they would rather be. Fair enough!

An updated version of this pool float is now available to purchase from Sam’s Club so we might as well go ahead!

pool float snow sledding
6-Person Inflatable Party Island Flamingo Float ($170) / Image Source: Sam’s Club

I mean, talk about having fun! Am I the only one who wants to be a kid again? Times were simpler back then (and a lot more fun). We would get excited about snow, and then as soon as spring came, we’d get excited for the sun and all the flowers… And then summer would be around and we’d go and jump on pool floats again! We sure knew how to put a smile in our own faces!

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Now, let’s go be the fun adults we are and go snow-sledding in giant inflatables. We got this!


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