Pop Stars With And Without Makeup Will Make Your Jaw Drop

We see pop stars looking perfect every day. Wearing makeup, looking as slim as ever and making us believe that’s how they look in real life. Not true, but do we love them less? No! Many celebrities have actually embraced the no-makeup look and they often post no makeup selfies on the social media. Some like this look, while other detest it. However, no one wears makeup all day long and we are bound to see these big pop stars without it. Here are the best no-makeup looks by pop stars, compiled by Ranker.


Some may even shock you as you are used to recognize them by their signature looks. But at the end of the day, everyone takes their makeup off. These pop stars’ makeup looks are definitely amazing, but their non-makeup looks are just as amazing, too.

1. Demi Lovato


The 25-year-old singer was many people’s childhood sweetheart in Barney and Friends, but look at her now without makeup. As if she hasn’t aged a day!

2. Kesha


The LA singer and songwriter Kesha looks entirely different with no makeup on.

3. Lady Gaga


The 31-year-old eccentric singer looks good anyway.

4. Lana Del Rey


Thirty-two-year-old American singer looks as innocent as a little girl.

5. Ariana Grande


The sweet and young singer looks totally unrecognizable without her signature look.

6. Taylor Swift


The singer totally rocks the no makeup look.

7. Rihanna


The singer is totally embracing the no makeup look.

8. Selena Gomez


Our childhood’s favorite looks as sweet with no makeup on.

9. Beyoncé


Queen B is a real queen, even when she isn’t wearing any makeup.

10. Miley Cyrus


The eccentric singer knows how to rock a good no-makeup look.

11. Katy Perry


Can you believe that’s the pop singer Katy? We’ve all had these days. And these selfies.

12. Madonna


The pop star looks younger than ever with no makeup on.

13. Adele


The beautiful British singer shines with her natural beauty.

14. Pink


Here she is, the queen of embracing the natural.

15. Mariah Carey


The notorious lavish star looks pretty well with no makeup on.

16. Britney Spears


Years have passed by, but Britney is still awesome, even without makeup.

Here are more celebrities wearing no makeup.

Source: ranker

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