What’s Pinterest’s Most Popular Mascara?

Pinterest has some amazing boards where you can find inspiration.

Close your eyes and try blurting out exactly how many mascaras you have in your makeup bag?

Several thousands? Thought so. Me too. Do they all work amazing? Not exactly.

Which ones are they? Do they promise fake lashes look? That they’ll change your life? The makeup game? The world? We’ve seen all kinds of promises. But we’ve never seen the promise of ‘Better Than Sex’.

Yep. Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara is the most popular one on Pinterest.

And how couldn’t it be with a name like that? Besides, users claim it gives you “long, thick, inky-black, and fluttery, checking off every box on the mascara list”, according to Glamour.

Have you tried it, though? Because we haven’t and we’d love to read some more opinions, other than the Youtubers’. True, some of them have dubbed it ‘the best drugstore mascara’, but which mascara do you swear by?


Source: Pinterest