Learn How To Pose For Pictures And Always Look Great

It has happened to almost every girl, trying to pose for a picture, maybe hundreds of times, just to find out that something is missing in every one of them. Well, not every one of us is lucky enough to be photogenic. Also, being beautiful and having the perfect makeup on doesn’t guarantee for the perfect snap. Anyways, achieving the goal of having a great picture, without trying a million times to recapture it, can be really easy. You simply need to know you great side and best pose that suits you as well as your signature smile.
Don’t despair, today we are helping you learn how to pose for a picture and look good, courtesy of Stylecraze.

1. Work on your expressions


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It is really important to know the right angles and work on your expressions before taking a picture. If you have small eyes try not to close them even more while you smiling and posing for a picture. Also, in order to make an illusion of fuller lips (if you have thin lips) part them slightly while posing. As for those people who have round face, here is a great advice, tilt your head slightly sidewards.

2. Know your signature smile


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Take a look a the pictures you have taken in the past and know your signature smile and you won’t have to struggle for a for a picture-perfect smile on your face. Or, you can do it now, just grab your phone and take different pictures.

3. Find a place with proper lighting


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Proper lighting is crucial for the perfect pictures. Try to dodge any shady places that can stress the blemishes and dark patches on your face.

If the lighting is just a little bit sub-par, aperture adjustment to the rescue!

4. Pick the right clothes


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The right choice of clothes is essential for the ideal picture since they enhance our best features. Darker colored clothes make you look a few pounds lighter. Also, clothes with horizontal stripes can make you look wider.

5. Keep your hands on your hips


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You should keep your hands on the hips in order to accentuate your waist and give a perception of a thinner body, should you want to.

6. Don’t wear too much makeup


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Balance is the key, in this case, don’t overdo with makeup. By applying too much makeup you can make the face appear cakey, shining or washed out in the pictures. Instead, choose neat and subtle makeup.

7. Fake a tummy tuck


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Next time you take a picture try to fake a tummy tuck by turning one shoulder towards the camera and the other away from it by twisting your torso. This pose will make you appear slimmer on the picture.

8. Stick your neck out


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Always stick your neck out and push your face slightly forward in order to make your face look longer and thinner. If you have double chine this will help you hide it too.

9. Keep it simple


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If you don’t feel comfortable in any pose, don’t try to pose forcefully but rather keep it simple. Stand up straight and relax. The picture will come out great.

Source: Stylecraze