Fitness Blogger Reveals Amazing Postpartum Body Transformation After Being Body Shamed

This new mom and fitness blogger called Amy posted a picture of herself with a flat stomach just three months after she gave birth to her third child, a lot of people were opinionated and very vocal about it. What made matters worse is that many people left negative comments on Amy’s pictures and even insulted her for the way she looked while she was expecting.

We all know how difficult it is to deal with weight problems, especially for people who have just given birth, as the baby weight can even take years to shed. Luckily, Amy was more than prepared to stand her ground and defend her amazing body transformation.

postpartum body transformation
Credit: Instagram/fitness.fireball

Before Amy shared her progress pictures, she also shared some comments from her followers who were very rude and bitter about her achievement. A lot of followers said:

You look like a whale! How can your belly be over one meter!

While another group commented:

You are too skinny now! Eat a burger! WHY ARE YOU IN SUCH A HURRY TO GET BACK INTO SHAPE?

Despite the contradictory messages, the mother-of-three spoke up about how she made such a fast progress as well as why she doesn’t let her haters’ rubbish affect her. She said:

I took care of my body, so I could move again without pain, so I could get off my medications, so I could carry my older kids without feeling like my body was falling apart.

Judging by the way she looks, her actions really paid off.

postpartum body transformation
Credit: Instagram/fitness.fireball

Amy explained that eating healthy and working out was just a bonus for the way she feels now, saying:

The physical results that came from eating healthy and working out was just a bonus. I was equally happy when I was 1-month pp vs now,

The only difference is that I don’t need help to take care of my kids. I can shower without having to sit on a chair. I can walk further than 5 min from my home.

Although Amy found her key to losing the excess baby weight, she is aware that other women are under far more pressure to do, explaining:

I feel our society is so off sometimes. If us moms don’t get back into shape after giving birth, we are lazy and don’t value our health.

postpartum body transformation
Credit: Instagram/fitness.fireball

The message that Amy shared along with the pictures was not to pressure new mothers to get back into shape, but rather that it is possible to have three children and have a healthy body. Whenever you find yourself in a bad place with your body, just keep in mind that anything is possible with a little hard work.


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