Photographer Tossed Colorful Powder On Dogs, And The Results Are Magical

Photography is one of the loveliest forms of art. That is to say, because a good photographer manages to capture the intensity and significance of the moment. This way, the moment lives on not only in our memories but also as a physical proof that it existed at one point in time. That’s why we get so thrilled anytime a photographer has experimented with something unique and has shown that there are no limits to creativity. Because honestly, sometimes human beings tend to create their own limits.

A Canadian photographer by the name of Jess Bell is one of those creative people. He decided to invite his dog-owning friends and their dogs in a colored powder photo shoot, in order to experiment with a new technique. He wants everyone to appreciate their pets as ‘tremendous athletes as well as companions’.

He said:

I had a great deal of fun deciding what color to use on what dog. I took into account each dog’s personality and appearance and chose a color that I thought would either contrast strongly or match closely with their fur.

Scroll below to see his photographs and let us know your thoughts in the comments’ section below.

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1.  Rush | Border Collie

powder photography dogs

2. Gemma And Lyric | Mix & Coolie

powder photography dogs

3. Style | Border Collie

4. Slice | Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

5. Nyero | Mudi

6. Lottie | Border Collie

7. True | Australian Shepherd

8. Lyric | German Coolie

9. Gnash | Malinois

10. Tenacity | Mudi

11. Cohen | Australian Shepherd

12. Gemma | Mix

13. Lottie | Border Collie

These images are so pure and colorful that they somehow begin to make me believe that magic is possible, and that magic lies in each person’s hands – if only they know how to use it!


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Source: Boredpanda