12+ Powerful Pictures That Will Tug At Your Heartstrings And Make You Think

We all take pictures on the daily – pictures of a particularly beautiful sunset, pictures of a loved one, pictures of a moving moment you happened to come across. And you can save those images and look at them years later and it will bring you back to that moment, in pixelated form.

And photography can be a really profound thing. It has the power to make you think and realize things that might not even have crossed your mind before – and it can do that without even uttering a single word. You see a picture of a child in a war-torn country, and you don’t even need to know the backstory for it to tug at your heart.

They do say, after all, that a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes the story behind a picture makes it all the more touching.

So, scroll down to see a list of pictures that will truly tug at your heartstrings and make you think…

1. An astounding difference 58 years in the making…

Photo Credit: © Adr_H132/reddit


2. This statue in Berlin is titled “Politicians Discussing Global Warming”

Photo Credit:  © Noerdy/reddit


3. This is a Vaquita, a rare marine mammal on the edge of extinction

The adorable-looking animals live in the northern Gulf of California and, of March 2018, there are only about 12-15 of them left.

Photo Credit: © p_please_respond/reddit


4. This adorable pup brought all her toys so she could play with her friend in the mirror

Photo Credit: © LeungGraeme9/reddit


5. “I gave a girl in my Malagasy village a small Lego set. She came back and asked if what she made was OK.”

Photo Credit: © theletterlthreetimes/reddit


6. This son took his mother to his prom after she missed hers because she was pregnant with him…

Photo Credit: © GodDamnYouDee/reddit


7. This person is holding a piece of the Moon and one of Mars in the palm of his hand.

Photo Credit: © anonccengineer/reddit


8. This teenager who decided to spend the night with his cow, who wasn’t feeling well…

Photo Credit: © ybeaver7/reddit


9. A caretaker saying goodbye to the world’s last male northern white rhino

Photo Credit: © Ami Vitale


10. “I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 14 years and finally got to photograph my own beautiful bride.”

Photo Credit: © Gustlock/reddit


11. A teenager with Down Syndrome had professional football player Don Jones taking her to her senior prom.

Photo Credit: © gangbangkang/reddit


12. A man who was wearing a Mickey Mouse costume stopped to look in a store window displaying expensive cars.

powerful pictures
Photo Credit: © Loma/pikabu


13. A dog giving his owner a loving hug!

powerful pictures
Photo Credit: © Pnhan89/reddit


14. And finally, this piece of someone’s childhood who has long been forgotten…

powerful pictures
Photo Credit: © Zlaya.Boroda/pikabu

Which one was your favorite? Let us know.


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