Kylie Jenner Had Serious Cravings For Californian Fast Food Spot In-N-Out During Her Pregnancy

The reality TV star kept her pregnancy out of spotlight, not confirming any reports up until very recently. But after she welcomed her baby daughter, Kylie Jenner made sure to let us in her journey motherhood. The now-mother of one, shared a 11 minute video on YouTube on Sunday. The 20-year-old revealed her life these past months… including her pregnancy cravings.

“It just tastes so good!”


King Ky, had been regurarly visiting her local In-N-Out drive-thru with her friends, making sure to have a double cheese burger and cheese fries.

And then at a routine doctor’s visit, she is told she gained 20lbs and should aim to gain between 28 and 35lbs for the entire pregnancy.

“So yeah, 8 more pounds,” she says with a slightly apprehensive tone.


Visiting her doctor.


With her bestfriend Jordyn Woods.


“Do cardio,” her doctor advises. “If you’re going to eat, you need to exercise.”

Kylie explains that her craving for the California fast food spot In-N-Out isn’t helping.

“Its just In N Out these days, it just tastes so good,” she says.

Then the video cuts to Kylie ordering food at the drive through.

“Double cheese burger and fries well done please,” she says, asking her laughing pals: “Do I want cheese fries today?”


Party plate!


In another scene, Kylie is enjoying a plate of food at a Christmas party, revealing that her cravings were savory rather than sweet.

She tucks into two burgers, one for her, one for the baby – a rib, mac n cheese, French fries and sweet potato fries, and a healthy side of greens.

Helping niece Penelope load her plate at the desert table.


Meanwhile, Khloe is continuing to workout throughout her pregnancy and is known to get her siblings involved whenever she can.


Looking great!


Source: Dailymail