Very Much Pregnant? Here Are 12 Struggles You Can Relate To

Being a future mom is such a special part of a woman’s life. You are carrying a new human creature inside of you, and soon your body will flourish a new life. Hormones strike like never before, and you are there wondering what should you eat next. But, there are some mothers who use their sense of humor to reduce their cortisol hormones.

Despite being a very beautiful journey, oh man, it is a really stressful and overwhelming process. Especially when you are about to explode, and you can’t be more pregnant than that, but for some reason, your baby has decided to stay for a bit longer.

Some women below are about to show you what it really feels like:


1. If you can smell it, you are the one. Pregnancy has it all.


2. “This is what remains of my delicious, 100% UNSIPPED sweet tea…”


3. Fool you if you deprive a pregnant woman of her hot Cheetos puffs with lime. So wrong!


4. *me to my baby, ‘Can you just move a little bit and make some space for my pants to fit. Thank you very much!’


5. All she wanted was some sugar. Lots of it. And now it’s so gone.


6. Your belly is not the only to get ‘swollen.’ Watch out your fingers!


7. When pregnant, tying shoelaces seems like the most impossible mission ever. The struggle is so real!


8. I mean, is there anyone who can stand their smell? Does this mean we are all pregnant?

pregnancy struggles


9. Either this kid is going to come out, or I am.

pregnancy struggles


10. This 35-week pregnant woman bought a new robe in her regular size, hoping everything is same as before. The narrator, ‘She was wrong!’

pregnancy struggles


11. “Week 28. Pregnancy sneeze when getting your legs crossed is more important than covering your mouth.” You never know what is going to pop out.

pregnancy struggles


12. Which one feels more comfortable? Idk, my left is good on that one, but not the same story with the right foot. Oh, wait! I got the solution.

pregnancy struggles

You can add more struggles we didn’t include to the list, in the comments section.


Source: Viralthread


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