Almost Every Pregnant Woman Does These 14 Weird Things

The nine months of pregnancy can be a little bit weird for expecting mothers, with many starting to behave strangely, whether they mean it or not. We are not here to judge, in fact, we do understand that it can be due to hormonal change. Nine months is a pretty long time for someone to find out how strange of personality you really have.

However, there are some strange and odd things that many pregnant women do which are somehow accepted as normal. So don’t worry if you are pregnant and you find yourself on this list, compiled by AuntyAcid.

1. Taking a picture of the pregnancy test and messaging it to someone

Or, maybe, this is the way you break the news to your boyfriend. Let’s not focus on the fact that this is the same object you just peed on.


2. And then finding a perfect spot in order to keep it in your memory box forever

This is the moment when you start collecting weird things. Because when you go down memory lane some years from now, there’s nothing that will bring back those feelings like a plastic stick faintly smelling of urine.

3. Your phone becomes the ultimate pregnancy device

You start to download countdown apps telling you which fruit or vegetable represents the current size of your baby.

4. You try to keep your pregnancy a secret and fail miserably

You stop consuming caffeinated drinks and suddenly you stop drinking and smoking. You don’t need a Sherlock Holmes in your vicinity in order to deduce you are pregnant based on these clues, right?


5. Blaming everything on the pregnancy

The ‘It’s the baby’ and ‘It’s the pregnancy’ become the top excuses right away. But, just because you got pregnant doesn’t mean that you have automatically dropped some IQ points.

6. And, then it becomes an excuse to get out of anything you don’t want to do

Even though you’re almost two minutes pregnant, you don’t want to do the dishes. Nine months vacation and rest can start right now, from the very moment you found out you were pregnant.


7. You can see who the baby takes after from the ultrasound photo

You can barely see that it is a baby but you start saying that he has your eyes and your husband’s nose.


8. You buy every baby book and you read them all

This one is great. Education is everything, but sometimes two or three books are just enough since otherwise, you will just read the same sentences in different books over and over again.


9. You might as well use those nine months to educate your partner, too

Even if he really doesn’t have to know certain things.


10. You sign up for as many pregnancy email newsletters as possible


11. Then you become a hot sobbing mess whenever you see a baby product commercial on TV

Or, maybe any kind of emotional commercial that you might come across. And, it is definitely okay.


12. The list of potential baby names is getting longer and longer

Every single name you hear has to be analyzed in depth and has to have a place on your list.


13. You go and attack Target’s baby section

You will need everything for the baby, right? Make sure that you take two carts.


14. Your social media feeds become your pregnancy guide

Instagram is already overflowing, so now you pin everything that is pregnancy and baby-related that you see on Pinterest.


Source: auntyacid

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