Pregnant Woman Saved Her Husband’s Life Only Hours Before She Gave Birth

Giving birth (especially for the first time) is already stressful enough, but one’s woman’s stress levels reached whole new proportions when, hours before her child was due, her husband suffered a near-fatal heart attack.

Picture: Goette family/GoFundMe


Ashley Goette was set to go to the hospital to undergo an induction to give birth to her daughter when she woke up to find her husband Andrew gasping for breath. While trying to keep calm, Ashley called 911 and the dispatcher talked her through giving Andrew CPR until the ambulance came.

By the time they did, “Andrew was in full cardiac arrest and had been without oxygen for a significant period of time,” explained the Goette family in a statement. The paramedics then had to restart Andrew’s heart before he was rushed to the hospital.

Picture: Goette family/GoFundMe

After arriving at the hospital, Andrew had to be placed in a medically induced coma on life support in the ICU. CT and MRI scans indicated he might have a serious brain injury due to the lack of oxygen he had endured, so his family was warned to expect the worst. They were told that even if he does wake up from the coma, he would probably not the same.

Picture: Goette family/GoFundMe

The doctors lowered Andrew’s body temperature to allow his brain to heal, and during the time he was unconscious, Ashley promised him that she would not have the baby until he woke up.

Talking to KMSP, Ashley said:

I didn’t want to have to think for one second about having to do any of this without him. I kept telling him the whole time he was asleep, or in his coma, that I was not going to have this baby until he woke up.

The next day, after the doctors raised his body temperature back up, Andrew woke up, and what’s more, he managed to not acquire any brain damage. This, the doctors say, is all due to the actions of his wife.

pregnant woman saved her husband's life before she gave birth
Picture: Goette family/GoFundMe

Their doctor, Dr. Alex Teeters, told Fox News that Andrew would probably not be here hadn’t it been for Ashley:

Absolutely the number one thing is she recognised that there was a problem and called for help.

The next day, Andrew managed to be there with Ashley as she was induced. The doctors wheeled Andrew’s bed right next to his wife’s so they could be together.

pregnant woman saved her husband's life before she gave birth
Picture: Goette family/GoFundMe

But the Goette family had one more hurdle to go through before they were in the clear. After attempts to get Ashley induced failed, the mother-to-be had to undergo an emergency cesarean.

But all went well, and soon their baby son, Lennon, was born at a healthy 6.8 pounds with Andrew being the first person to hold him.

pregnant woman saved her husband's life before she gave birth
Picture: Goette family/GoFundMe

The doctors made sure Andrew could at least be there for his wife through FaceTime, and he told KMSP:

I’m still watching on my phone as they’re coming through the door. So that was pretty cool. And I was already standing there with my shirt off waiting for him, with all my electrodes still hanging off of me.

Andrew is still in the hospital recovering from a surgery he underwent this week to correct his heart arrhythmia, as are his newborn son and wife. While the family will probably be discharged soon, they still need to pay a lot of medical bills. To help with that, their friends and family set up a GoFundMe account for them.

“Please consider a donation to help offset medical costs and lost work and allow the Goette’s to get back on their feet as quickly as possible,” a statement reads. “Andrew is a hard working plumber and Ashley a dedicated paraprofessional for elementary school-aged children with disabilities…they are not of extravagant means and anything will help!”


You can donate here.


We wish them all a very quick recovery and congratulations for a healthy baby boy!


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