Twins Born Four Months Prematurely Will Be Going Home In Time For Christmas

New parents Jade Calvin, 24, and Adam Mills, 31 are experiencing a true Christmas miracle this year.
Their twins, Cain and Isaac, who were born four months prematurely, weighing only 1lb each, will be discharged from the hospital just in time for Christmas! After the twin boys were born at just five months, the parents were told that their chances of survival were small, especially as babies need to be at least six months to have a good chance of surviving.
But these two little warriors managed to beat the odds!

Last month, Mills shared a picture of his sons, excited that they will be on the hospital for only a short while more, and marveling  at the fact that Isaac and Cain are a “quarter of a year old already.”

“We will keep you all updated as will still be a long time before many of you get to meet them as there [sic] immune systems need to be built up,” he wrote. “There are no words to describe how proud of these 2 myself and Jade Calvin are. And we are so looking forward to getting them home in the next few weeks.”

At the time of their birth, Mills posted to social media announcing that the twins had been born prematurely and asking their friends and family to pray for them. In an early update, he had written:

“Just a little update for concerned family and friends. Cain and Isaac are both stable and responding well to treatment. Both are a long way from safety but are true little fighters and are doing amazing. Mother Jade Calvin has been great every step of the wayIt’sts a very exhausting time for us but as long as these 2 are okay its worth it. These 2 boys are already making me so proud they amaze me every second of every day.”

He went on to thank the nurses and the doctors at the hospital ” for the miracles they are working day in and day out. God bless you all.” 

premature twins home christmas

“It’s been an absolute dream,” the mother told North West Eventing Mail. “To see them so tiny when they were born and to be able to take them home on Saturday is my perfect Christmas. It’s always been our goal to have them home for Christmas.”

She also explained that the fact that she’d been in labor for a few days raised the odds of the twins’ survival, since if she had given birth a few days earlier, “it could have been a miscarriage.” After the boys return home, they will have to rely on oxygen, something their mother told NWEM that is just a small price to pay.

Well, Merry Christmas to the new family, and may it be a happy one!


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