8 Perfect Presents To Protect Clumsy People From Themselves

Some people are just clumsy. There’s nothing to do about it. It’s how they were born and it sort of becomes part of their personality. You know, bumping into things, dropping things, tripping on no obstacles whatsoever, being unable to catch anything you might throw at them. It’s part funny, part adorable, and part exasperating. For the onlookers. For the klutz – it’s probably rather embarrassing. But, since clumsiness cannot be helped or cured, it can only be mitigated. How? Well, I’m certainly glad you asked. This list, compiled by Diply, presents you with a few objects specially designed for the less coordinated of people. Any one of these items would be an excellent present for the clumsy people in your life.

1. Wine sippy cup

When you’re an adult for whom spilling drinks isn’t an uncommon occurrence, but who is also a passionate lover of wine, there is only one thing that can save you: these wine cups with sippy lids. After all, wine is precious and must not be wasted!


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2. Oven rack shields

No holiday is complete without pie. But removing the freshly baked delicacy out of the oven can prove to be quite tricky. Lots of burns have been caused this way, lots of them I tell you… Anyway, genius inventors have found a way to prevent this: rack shields! You will never burn your hands again!


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3. Scotchgard

When you’re an adult for whom spilling drinks isn’t an uncommon occurrence, but who also isn’t a very big fan of wine sippy glasses, there is only one thing that can save you! Scotchgard! Cleaning up spills has never been easier!


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4. A splatter guard

You may laugh when you see someone cautiously approaching a hot frying pan on the stove top using the lid as a shield, but that infernal oil comes straight out of hell and it’s coming for you! The days of getting the entire length of your arms burned as a result of the evil oil splashing and splattering are over! Now we have this silicone splatter guard – the greatest aid in preventing both messy situations and excruciating pain.


Source: The Grommet

5. Slip-proof socks

Fuzzy socks are awesome, and not only because they keep your feet warm. No, the other reason is that sliding around in them on wooden floors is extremely fun. However, sliding down the stairs is considerably less fun. Which is why we sometimes need to listen to reason instead of the child inside us and choose these slip-proof socks instead.


Source: Amazon

6. Water-repellent laptop case

And here’s another one for you, spill-prone people! Your laptop is your second best friend (after your dog) and it must be protected at all costs! That is where this handy water-repellent case comes in! A spilled cup of coffee or a sudden downpour of rain are no match for this bad boy!


Source: Amazon

7. Phone PopSocket

Who hasn’t dropped their phone? I know, I know: we all have. And how are we supposed not to when each time they make them slicker and shinier and smoother and… what’s another ‘s-‘ word? Oh, that’s right! Slippery! There’s just nothing to grip! So sometimes your phone just sort of slides right out of your hand. However. There is now a solution for this problem: The PopSocket sticks to your phone or tablet and allows your hand to relax while maintaining a secure grip!


Source: Amazon

8. Bruise cream

Clumsy people might not have much coordination, grace, or elegance, but you know what’s one thing they definitely have a whole lot of? Bruises. It’s not their fault! Things just bump into them or fall on them, or suddenly appear in their way. Bruises are unavoidable, but they can be lessened. This bruise cream will make them heal and fade away much quicker, which is very convenient, cause, you know, they’re everywhere.


Source: Amazon
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