Some Of The Prettiest Side-Breast Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to inking your body, people might be a bit skeptical. That’s because they realize that permanent ink is, well, permanent. And it’s true, people do change with the passage of years, and what if you turn to dislike the tattoo you so love today? Well, when you think about it, every choice we make in like is permanent, for the past cannot be changed nor altered. It’s the same with tattoos, a few years after, they will be a sort of memory of the past, something that reminds you of what you used to like to the point that you decided to ink it on your body.

Well, another dilemma when one decides to do a tattoo is the part of the body you want it on. I know it can be a struggle. I, for example, always wanted one at the back on my neck and the beginning of my spine, but there are people who prefer different locations, such as the shoulder, arm, leg, ankle, some prefer the collarbone tattoos. And there are also people who like the ink to be on the side of their boob – something that would prove to look perfect on the warm summer days.

So if by any chance you are thinking of getting a tattoo, and you are not sure where do you wanna do it, check these side-boob tattoo ideas and maybe you will get a hint of inspiration – be it for the tattoo or the location of the tattoo. Scroll down and enjoy:






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What are your thoughts on these tattoo designs? Which one did you like best? Let us know in the comments’ section below.


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