Shopper Orders A ‘Pretty Little Thing’ Jumpsuit, Than Shares Photo Of The Fail Which Arrived Instead

Celebrity clothing lines are so exciting for fans who want to wear something their favorite celebrities would wear. But even though we expect very much, sometimes expectations can fail to meet the reality as one Kardashian fan recently discovered. Cady Hadfield from Leicester, central England, hoped to emulate reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian when she ordered a jumpsuit from the Pretty Little Thing range.

It turned out that the jumpsuit might just be a bit too long for her.


Cady joked that she looked like Walter White’s alter ego from Breaking Bad, methamphetamine kingpin Heisenberg


When Cady tried on the £30 ($40) jumpsuit, she found out that it was way bigger than advertised in the pictures. When she joked about resembling Breaking Bad’s main character, the tweet immediately went viral.

She shared the picture on Twitter with the caption: “‘When you tryna be Kourtney K but end up looking like Heisenberg thanks @OfficialPLT [sic].”

This is how the jumpsuit looked on 38-year-old reality television star Kourtney Kardashian



Amazed much?


Well, look at the sad reality below.


Last week, the store was criticized again for selling red trousers that were way too long. This is the second time now that the clothing sold on the website has caused a stir for the wrong reasons.

Nineteen-year-old Twitter user Dan from Edinburgh, Scotland was shocked by what was delivered after ordering a pair of red trousers from Pretty Little Thing. She said that the trousers made her look like she had “flippers” with her tweet soon going viral.

Source: dailymail