Know What Causes Your Hair To Turn Gray And Use These Tips To Prevent It

People are beings who are constantly worried about time. Worried if time is passing by too slowly for them to be where they want to be; worried if time if slipping by too fast and they won’t catch up with the version of themselves they want to become; or they are just worried that one day, they will wake up and they will be old. We’re obsessed with being forever young and beautiful, so much that, sometimes, it gets the best of us and doesn’t allow us to enjoy the moment and be at peace with ourselves.
Maybe it’s time to view time differently. To view it as the best teacher who is going to teach us the best lessons, and for that, it will leave a trace called wrinkle sometimes. And that should be considered okay, too. Actually, it should be considered beautiful as well. Because it shows that you are living. Don’t you think that it isn’t the same for celebrities too? Just because the pressure of beauty perceptions goes from them to the audience, it doesn’t mean that’s a one-way street. It isn’t.
Celebrities are pressured by the audience too. It is expected of them to always be looking flawless, ordered, beautiful, smiling… but, hey, ya’ll, there’s no such thing called a human being who can always look like that. It simply is not possible. Time will change peoples’ appearance and that’s just the way it is. The best thing to do, no matter how rich and famous you are, is to accept…
To accept that changing is a part of life and that doesn’t mean it’s bad. What should be taken into consideration, however, it’s to not forget to take care of yourself and to show compassion for yourself. Those are key elements which will keep your soul young. And a young soul is not threatened by wrinkles.

To accept the fact that as we get older, the dreaded gray hair starts to appear too. And that’s okay. We can dye our hair. But also, accept the fact that if you want to postpone the visit of the grey hair, we can. We need some self-improvement in the way we lead our healthy lives or not. Usually, the grey hair starts to appear around the age of 28-30.

Melanocytes are the cells which produce hair color. Hair color depends on the ratio of two pigments. These are eumelanin and pheomelanin. Both are types of melanin. When these blended give different shades of colors. That’s the reason why our hair colors vary from each other. The scientific reason why our hair turn gray is because we start losing these color pigment.

Beside the natural factors, there are other factors which depend on us if we want to slow down the process. Some of them are as follows:


1. Smoking

prevent gray hair causes
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Tobacco consumption and graying of hair are closely related to each other. Premature graying of hair is a direct cause of cigarette smoking.


2. Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency causes premature graying of hair, too. To raise the dose intake of this vitamin, you can include fish, lamb, cheese, and banana more into your diet.


3. Oxidative Stress

prevent gray hair causes

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When free radicals outnumber the antioxidant defenses, oxidative stress happens, this ultimately leads to graying of hair. Try to control your stress by exercising and meditating.


4. Hydrogen Peroxide

The amount of hydrogen peroxide produced increases with age. This leads to bleaching out hair pigments, which turns them gray.


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In order to prevent gray hair the tips below can be helpful:


1. Coconut Oil

Prevent hair from turning gray by regularly massaging the scalp. It provides moisture and the required amounts of lauric acid to the hair.


2. De-Stress

One of the major causes of going gray early is stress, so try to control it as much as you can, folks.


3. Keep Hydrated

Increase the intake of water and reduce alcohol and caffeine intake. Lack of hydration also contributes to gray hair.


4. Sleep For Longer

Regular and good sleeping habits help you relax and rejuvenate your cells. Sleep is crucial for an overall health improvement.


5. Chinese Herbs

These help patients relate to their internal emotions in a healthier way, including managing stress.

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