Woman Hurt In Car Crash With Prince Philip Thinks He Should Be Prosecuted “The Same As Everyone Else”

Last week Prince Philip, 97, was involved in a car accident which left 46-year-old Emma Fairweather with a broken wrist. The woman was a passenger in her friend’s car when the collision happened. According to her, the doctors have told her that her injury could keep her off work for up to two months. Now, Fairweather says that she believes that Prince Philip should be treated “the same as everyone else” and prosecuted accordingly. 

“I think he should be treated the same as anyone else. How could you say no to prosecuting him if he’s broken the law?”  Fairweather, who is a mother of two, said, adding that the experience was “traumatic and painful” and she would have expected more from the Royal Family.

Prince philip car crash
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The 46-year-old said that she believes the situation could have been even worse and that she finds the notion that the Duke of Edinburgh was dazzled by the sun not so convincing as she says it was overcast that day.

“It would mean the world to me if Prince Philip said sorry, but I have no idea if he’s sorry at all,” the woman added. “I know the Queen is a busy lady, but I was really excited at the idea she might phone me.”

Prince philip car crash
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According to NBC News, Prince Philip has passed the police eyesight test, which is a standard procedure when such road accidents happen. After the accident, Buckingham Palace released a statement which read: “Contact has been made privately with the occupants in the other car and well-wishes exchanged.”

According to News.com.au, Mr. Fairweaher also finds the fact that she wasn’t asked to give a statement to the police worrying. “I need somebody to understand that I still have medical concerns. I’m very worried that I haven’t been asked for a statement from the police,” she said.

She did say, however, that one of the Queen’s ladies in waiting has left her a voice mail telling her that the Queen wished her well and “she would like to call me back but she was going out for the evening.”

Prince philip car crash
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According to an eyewitness to the accident, who spoke for BBC, the Duke’s car, which is a Land Rover was “careering, tumbling across the road and ending up on the other side,” adding that, “it would take a massive force [to have done that.”

And despite the ordeal, Prince Philip, who decided to keep driving even after he retired from public life in 2017, is already back behind the wheel. Only two days after the crash, the 97-year-old Duke was stopped by the police for driving without a seatbelt.

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