Princess Eugenie’s Adorable Bridesmaids And Page Boys Are ROYALLY Having A GREAT Time!

The granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth and the cousin of Prince William and Harry was married today to Jack Brooksbank. Besides knowing her as the cousin of two princes, people know her also as Princess Eugenie of York. They were set to be married at the same wedding venue as this year’s May nuptials of Harry and Meghan – there in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom.

The new bride was accompanied by young bridesmaids and page boys down the aisle, and it looked like some of them were having a great time, entertained by seven-year-old Savannah. Among the young bridesmaids and page boys were: Prince Charlotte, Prince George, son of Frenchman Olivier de Givenchy – little Louis Givenchy, while as flower girls were Theodora Williams – the daughter of Robbie Williams and Ayda Fields, Mia Tindall, 4, Isla Philips, 6, and Maud Windsor, 5.

While walking the bride down the aisle, little Louis was about to fall down but soon things looked alright among the youngsters. It was the second time for Eugenie’s second cousins Prince George and Princess Charlotte to be in the role of a page boy and bridesmaid of royals. This after they were in the same role at the wedding of Meghan and Harry back in May.

Princess Eugenie's Adorable Bridesmaids and Page Boys

They looked super cute, princess Charlotte wearing a white dress with a belt of flowers, while Prince George was wearing velvet trousers and a matching belt of flowers as his sister’s.

Princess Eugenie's Adorable Bridesmaids and Page Boys

Princess Charlotte was looking confident as she waved to the crowd.

The four-year-old granddaughter of the queen – Mia Tindall, never fails to capture attention as she was waving to the crowd as well.

 Princess Eugenie's Adorable Bridemaids and Page Boy

While her cousin, the seven-year-old Savanah Philips was near her, slightly smiling.

 Princess Eugenie's Adorable Bridemaids and Page Boy

If you wonder whois the lady who accompanied the young bridesmaids and page boys in the picture above, she’s Lady Louise, the daughter of Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex.


As the other bridesmaids looked more serious, Savannah was entertaining Prince George and they were captured having fun together!

Finally here is a picture of the beautiful bride – Princess Eugenie!

 Princess Eugenie's Adorable Bridemaids and Page Boy

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Source: Dailymail