Printing Error Makes This Woman’s Passport Photo A Terrible Mess

Think about your passport photo… Are you getting a bad feeling? Many people are constantly complaining about having a bad passport picture. To be honest, I’ve done it, too, but not all of them are that bad. The lightning is usually bad and you are not allowed to smile and look pretty. As the passport gets old, you feel even more terrible than ever. But once you see this woman’s passport photo, you might feel better about yours. Here it is:


What just happened here? Is it Coneheads and 1993 again? Here is the woman’s story.

Chelsey Ramos, from Texas, was left with this nightmarish passport after they did a printing error. Wha felt the most annoying was the fact that the original photo was very good.


Chelsey’s boyfriend Reece Lagunas told Buzzfeed that his girlfriend was shocked when she opened the passport. She even shouted: “Oh my f*cking God”, and quickly passed it over to her boyfriend to have a look.

Reece was first passed off, but couldn’t help but laugh about it. He even took to Reddit to share Chelsey’s cone-shaped head. That’s when the jokes started.


Luckily for Chelsea, she doesn’t have to stick with her terrible photo for 10 years.


Reece continued on the social media post: “The man that helped her was super helpful. I think he pulled up the photo on his computer and also had a laugh – told her it was obviously their mistake, and provided her with all the info to get it taken care of.”

Chelsea was then issued a new passport. The coolest thing is that they allowed her to keep the cone-headed one. Awesome!

Is this the most glamorous license picture of all times?

Featured Image Credit: Reddit
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