Priyanka Chopra Welcomes Nick Jonas In New Delhi And Shares An Affectionate Photo

The BIG day is getting close for Priyanka and Nick. They are going to tie the knot in a little over a week. But, married or not, it looks like they are already cherishing their pre-honeymoon phase.

It looks like Nick Jonas has landed in the national capital of India and has immediately headed to join her fiance. On Thursday, Priyanka shared on her Instagram profile a picture with Nick. They were pictured in an extreme close up, nuzzling each other, and you immediately go ‘Ah, love is in the air!’

“Welcome home baby… 😍,” the 36-year-old Indian actress and singer captioned the photo.

Reportedly, Priyanka and Nick are all set to take nuptial vows on December 1 at a spectacular $60,000 a night wedding venue in India.

In an earlier interview, Chopra said that India was now almost a “second home” for her Nick. She said, “I think the first time that Nick went to Mumbai, I was the tour guide. By trip 3, he was fine. When I was doing my meetings, he was meeting friends and going out. He’s fine now. Now, it’s his other home.”

Priyanka Chopra welcomes Nick Jonas

What’s a wedding without a bachelorette party? Just meh! The Quantico star has let loose in a lavish bridal shower in New York and then a wild bachelorette party weekend in Amsterdam with her friends.

During the whole celebration, her sister-in-law-to-be, the 22-year-old English actress, Sophie Turner, was by Priyanka’s side.

Priyanka Chopra welcomes Nick Jonas

Jonas has recently made gifts for his groomsmen, which were electric scooters. He shared a photo of himself next to a pool, next to six Lime scooters, and wrote: “I was searching for a fun way for my groomsmen to be mobile and ready to roll – so I called up my friends at @Limebikefor some help… #groomsmengift #CitrusGotReal (sic)” 

He tagged each scooter with names of Kevin, Joe, and Frankie, Priyanka’s brother, Siddharth, and actor, Jonathan Tucker, suggesting they will make up his groomsmen.

Priyanka Chopra welcomes Nick Jonas

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Source: Dailymail