You Can Now Purchase Matching Party Dresses For You And Your Mini Pooch

December is that time of the year where everything feels jolly. We turn to hot beverages, deck up our Christmas tree, and hardly wait to find a cozy spot near the fireplace where we can sit, read a book and enjoy our existence.

Things become even more utopian when we see our pooch lying near us happily. Let me spice it up and tell you about all the parties we are going to host as the end of the year approaches. And if you’re thinking you and your dog should go with fancy matching ensembles and stand out, we’ve got you covered.

This Christmas, the British retailer Pink Boutique is offering a seasonal party dress for you and your dog to wear matching outfits.

The online clothing store is selling a mini version of its pink and sparkly ‘Heart Broken’ dress.

matching outfit with dog
Photo Credit: Pink Boutique

And here is our four-legged friend wearing the elegant outfit.

matching outfit with dog
Photo Credit: Pink Boutique

Twinning with a pooch was popular even before, but party outfits weren’t quite a usual thing.

Many pet owners took to social media to express their thoughts about this idea. One person wrote: “I mean can we just dress our dogs as girlies for a day?”  Another user added: “A pooch range? I’ve been waiting for one.”

Alice Rowen Hall, Creative Director at Pink Boutique, as reported by MailOnline, said:

We developed this to bring extra sparkle and fun to the festive period and who says your dog friends can’t be glam this Christmas? We know our customers love their dogs and we are dog owners too at Pink Boutique so we created this is as an exclusive and limited-edition product so you can be matchy with your fur baby at a festive event and rock your fav Pink Boutique dress too (very extra!)

Of course, this idea won’t be for everyone. Also, these outfits will be only for miniature dogs like Pomeranian, Chihuahua and the like. But we’re sure there will be some eager costumers that will love wearing these ensembles.

May the festivity spirit be with you and your pooch, folks!