Can You Find The Six Words Hidden In This Family Drawing Puzzle?

Puzzle time is so much fun because you get the chance to challenge yourself and enjoy the results after all the hard work. But, this one in particular is very creative, so get ready to have a good time thinking!.


The rules are: first you have to find six words in a family picture of them relaxing getting some reading time in. Actually this is pretty exciting since everyone these days is on their smartphones.


Before you see the puzzle, make a cup of coffee, grab a pen and paper. Now, that you are settled in, get ready to have some fun.


Here’s the picture, and now it’s time to find those six words. Get going!


Cool, how many have you found so far? Well, you probably need some more time to finish the whole thing. I struggled a lot myself for the first time so, I feel you! You’re not alone!


If you found the answers, well, congratulations! If you didn’t there’s no need to worry since the answers will be revealed pretty soon. But if you still want to try and find everything, don’t scroll down for spoilers.


The words are: read, novel, book, story, words and page. Can you guys see how easy the whole thing was? Take a look down below to see it yourself.


How do you feel now that you have seen the truth? Did you struggle to find all of them?


Are you a puzzle fan? Did you enjoy this one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below to let us know more about your experience. Share it with your friends and family to challenge them!

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