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The “Quartz Nails” Trend Will Have Your Nails Getting All The Attention And People Are Embracing It

The “Quartz Nails” Trend Will Have Your Nails Getting All The Attention And People Are Embracing It

Nails are among those details that at first thought would seem little. But when you stop and observe yourself and the world around you, you realize that, in fact, it’s these little things that fit perfectly into the bigger picture and make it unique. It’s exactly these little things, like little jewelry, a nice eyeshadow hue, a good manicure – that add to the whole of you. These things compliment a look and there is no denying it.

With summer having arrived, and the fancy events, festivals, and adventures awaiting – we tend to match bits and pieces of our looks to the vibe each season provides. But how you know something is really special? When it can vibe with any type of season or occasion, I’d say.

Let us introduce to you a beautiful nail trend named the ‘Quartz Nails’. As Glamour reported, people have now started painting their nails in quartz-looking manicures, and it looks absolutely wonderful.

So, in case you’re in the mood for having a crystal sensation with you whenever you go, let go of the crystal rings, and similar jewelry and opt for the crystal nails. They will undoubtedly have your nails getting all the attention and so many people are up for it!

Scroll below to see some examples of the trend, and let us know in the comments’ section below whether or not you would try this manicure. And if you have done so, we’d love to see!


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So, any thoughts? We’re reading.


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