The Queen Just Shared Her First Instagram Post

Queen Elizabeth II just made her Instagram debut!

Okay, before you get too excited, no, the Queen did not set up her personal Instagram account where she’ll update us on her fancy royal duties via Instagram Story, but she did share her first post on The Royal Family’s account earlier this week.

The monarch visited the Science Museum on March 7 to announce its summer exhibition titled “Top Secret” which is about communications intelligence and reveal a new space for supporters, which will be known as the Smith Centre. Her first Instagram post was about her visit to the Museum.

queen first instagram post
Photo Credit: Simon Dawson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

She shared a picture of an old letter which mathematician and inventor Charles Babbage sent to Prince Albert, her great-great-grandfather.

“Today, as I visit the Science Museum I was interested to discover a letter from the Royal Archives, written in 1843 to my great-great-grandfather Prince Albert,” she wrote in the caption. “Charles Babbage, credited as the world’s first computer pioneer, designed the ‘Difference Engine’, of which Prince Albert had the opportunity to see a prototype in July 1843. In the letter, Babbage told Queen Victoria and Prince Albert about his invention the ‘Analytical Engine’ upon which the first computer programmes were created by Ada Lovelace, a daughter of Lord Byron. Today, I had the pleasure of learning about children’s computer coding initiatives and it seems fitting to me that I publish this Instagram post, at the Science Museum which has long championed technology, innovation and inspired the next generation of inventors.”

She ended the post by signing off, “Elizabeth R.”


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Only a few days prior to the Queen’s post, the  Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, and Kensington Palace published a set of guidelines on how to engage with the Royals on social media. This was done in order to “help create a safe environment”. They asked their followers to show “courtesy, kindness and respect for all other members of our social media communities,” and not to post inappropriate comments, promotions, or use discriminatory language. They also announced they would send anyone who left a comment deemed dangerous to the necessary law enforcement.

queen first instagram post
Photo Credit: Simon Dawson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

While they gave no reason for the new guidelines, the announcement came shortly after rumors that the Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge were feuding and people started picking sides in the comments.

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So, hopefully, the Queen will start posting to Instagram more, but so far, the only Royal with a personal Instagram account is Princess Eugenie.