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Here’s Every Question Answered About False Eyelashes

Here’s Every Question Answered About False Eyelashes

Applying makeup is not as easy as beauty gurus make it seem to be and putting eyelashes is at the top of one of the most difficult parts of doing makeup list. Whenever you finish a makeup eye look, everything seems out of place without eyelashes. The second that you put them on, everything looks complete. False eyelashes are a perfect choice for people whose lashes are short and even after several coats of mascara they just don’t stand out as much as they would like. Pulling off a bright, colorful look, or maybe a smokey eye. After you put them on, it looks perfect right?

Don’t feel like doing a whole makeup eye look? Just throw on a pair of false eyelashes and you’re good to go. Eyelashes brighten up the face, make your eyes seem bigger and they make it look like you made an effort waking up in the morning. There are all kinds of eyelashes out there, they can differ in style, length, thickness. However, are you informed about the types of eyelashes out there? What they are made of? Well, in this article we’re going to see just that.

False eyelashes’ material can be mink, synthetic or human hair.

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There are so many options to choose from, so many methods to use and different techniques. All you need to do is find what you feel comfortable with and you’re good to go. Some people like going natural and just put mascara on, however, for people who want more than just mascara there is a lot to choose from. Nowadays you can go to the nearest beauty store and find an abundance of eyelashes. They have flooded the beauty industry and your Instagram feed.

Let’s start first talking about the false eyelashes. There are so many you can choose from.


These you might know what they would look like without me describing them. Natural false eyelashes are there to enhance your own natural lashes, nothing dramatic, just a little bit more length and fullness. Most of the time when you have these eyelashes on you might have a simple eye makeup look.


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With individual lashes, you can be as creative as you want. They are smaller than regular ones. Individuals are perfect for people who want to add in volume, fill in sparse areas. Basically, add the individual lashes where you see fit. You might even see people put on individuals after they have put false eyelashes on because they want to customize to their own liking. You can do a natural eyelash look with them and go as dramatic as you want, it really is up to you. Does it take lots of practicing to put them on? Speaking from experience, yes. But then again the more you practice the better you are going to be at it.


Typically if you say strip nowadays everyone will know you’re talking about eyelashes. It is recommended to find a pair that fit your eyes. If the ones you bought don’t fit, you can always trim them down to the size of your eye. Of course, when you apply them, make sure the strip is firmly attached the closer to your lash line as possible. The trick to them is finding the pair that fit the best that make your eyes pop!

Magnetic eyelashes

Though new to the beauty industry, magnetic eyelashes are slowly becoming everyone’s favorite. They do not require glue hence the magnetic band. So you can’t make a mess out of your eye makeup if you can’t put them on the first time. Or after taking them off the risk of losing a few of your natural ones is there. But that won’t be happening with magnetic ones. You might be new to them and don’t know how to put them on yet, but they are slowly making their way in the beauty world and it’s awesome. And the best part of them is that you can reuse them as much as you want if you are taking care of them the right way.


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Then there are people that don’t want to wait for the glue to dry and become tacky to put the eyelash on every day. Extension eyelashes have become so frequent and so used. It’s an easy technique that will last for at least 3 weeks. Here’s everything you need to know about them if you’re planning to get yours done soon.

And lastly, how do you put eyelashes on?

Well, coat your natural ones with mascara and after you put the glue onto the lash band let it sit there for at least 30 seconds, before applying it. The glue needs to get tacky because as soon as you put the lashes on it will stick and it will be easier to control them. Use tweezers and place them as close to your lash line as possible. It is important for the eyelashes to blend in with your natural ones. And you’re ready to rock and roll! Remember practice makes perfect if you couldn’t do it on your first try, there are plenty of times more. Nobody will instantly become good at it, trust in your self, grab that glue and tweezer and put those false eyelashes on.

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