Ever Wanted To Meet The Love Of Your Life On Live Television? This Is The TV Show For You

If you don’t have a better way of finding the love of your life, then how about putting the trust for that on an algorithm for dating in the show Married at First Sight, currently airing on Channel 4 in the UK. Sounds weird and crazy, but this show is real and there are people who found their significant other by taking part in it.

Yes, it really is true. Married at First Sight has opened the call for contestants for the people who want to give sharing their life with a stranger a shot.


For all of you who have never seen a single episode of Married at First Sight, let me give you a quick rundown. The show, that started airing in the spring of 2015, takes two people who have never met before, and then they walk down the aisle in front of their friends and family, and then the show follows how their life develops through drama and mess.

Obviously, many of the couples split after they move in together, due to inevitable struggles such as one walking into the toilet while the other using it and other daily life moments.

The show has become so popular, it has been enough for the show to expand to other countries such as Australia.

Forget about the sweet-nothings, one of the groom’s first reactions when he saw the bride was “oh sh*t.’ It’s kinda painful when you say it to yourself, isn’t it?

Pub manager Sean D, after he signed-up for the Australian version of the series had nothing to say except swearing when he saw his bride-to-be Jo, mother of two.

What makes this TV show so intense is the speed of groom to fall in such judgments while Jo is so excited and happy to see the groom-to-be.

Have a look at this:


After the show, she told the cameras:

“My expectations are fulfilled, and then some even to infinity and beyond. Feels like winning the jackpot. I’ve won the lottery.”

You may laugh, and many of us would look it as funny but this lady for real hit the lottery. Later on she learnt that the guy she married a guy that was a millionaire.


Some people are actually lucky when they look for love in real life, and then there are some others that have more luck in reality TV shows – a real life example is Jess and Dom, who just happened to be together while they were taking part in the show. I can’t even imagine how many plants have to align in order for that to happen.

If you wanna participate in this show, there are some rules; you have to be over 18 years old and not married before. If you fulfill that criteria, then why not try your luck?

Source: Unilad