The Reason Behind Bus Seat Multi-Color Patterned Covers

I was today-years-old when I understood why bus seats are covered in these multi-colored patterns that look like they are from a bygone area. Well, maybe you’ve asked yourself this question before, or if you are anything like me, you have simply accepted the fact that the designer’s taste is awful and that there is nothing we can do about it.

Whatever the case may be, I am here to tell you the reason behind the hideous bus seat covers.

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I mean, you never know when you could use this information, so why not have it?

The real reason behind the designs is to hide the fact that they stink. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Well, here is how to works. They’re designed using a quite complex mind-reading algorithm. In this way, our eyes are distracted from all the mock and the foul scent that can be found there.

reason bus seat covers

As commuters, we dread thinking about what kind of things actually are on the very same seats we sit on. So, if the fabric would be plain, we wouldn’t be quite at ease.

The BBC also reports that this is one of the key reasons – but also explains that there are several others, too.

Harriet Wallace-Jones, co-founder of Wallace Sewell – the UK-based design studio that’s designed fabrics for TFL – told the BBC:

“Transport for London has historically adopted a wool moquette fabric.

Wool is naturally flame retardant, and moquette is a pile fabric which has more durability than a flat woven cloth. The fabric is usually a mix of cut and uncut pile, which also makes it more durable.”

Credit: PA

There is also the fashion trend. And the thing with fashion trends it that they pass pretty quickly. So, whenever we get something that looks great right now, it won’t look that good in two months time.

Instead, having something that looks old-fashioned at all times seems like the way to go.

Some people managed to see beauty in these bus seat covers and decided to craft some unique trainers from upcycled bus seat fabric.

These trainers were a publicity stunt by First Buses in Ashton, Tameside and it is their latest step in green policy.

These shoes were designed with the aim to use fabric and materials which are no longer needed. Designed by the company Above and Beyond, they are made use of the rubber tires.

Quite a concept.

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