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There Might Be A Reason As To Why Some Couples Look Alike

There Might Be A Reason As To Why Some Couples Look Alike

Have you ever seen a couple and wondered whether they are siblings, or cousins, and it didn’t even cross your mind they might be a couple, because there is quite a resemblance between them? Well, seems like there is an answer to why some people resemble their partners or proceed to look like their partners after their relationship develops. Keep reading for more.

So, Alice, 21, and Melissa, 20, from San Antonio, Texas have been together just under a year, and people already agree that the pair looks too similar.

reason couples look alike
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Alice shared a series of pictures, in July, on Twitter where we can visibly see they look so much alike. Someone took to reply, saying:

Did y’all get a blood test or something because I swear y’all twins.


Alice spoke to HuffPost about the situation, claiming she knows it must be ‘weird’ for people, initially. “Especially if we’re in public and happen to kiss or show PDA,” she joked. She proceeded to say:

I know the first thought that goes through everyone’s head is, ‘Wow they look alike, I wonder if they’re related…’ Personally, we both think there are things that make us look completely different to each other.

However, just earlier this year, people all over the internet were amazed at a viral tweet about Brad Pitt and his romantic partners. Someone shared a series of pictures where we could clearly see how Brad Pitt resembled his partners, their styles were quite similar and we couldn’t help scrolling and remain speechless all throughout the tweet thread.

See for yourself:

Talking about people who tend to look like their partners, dating coach Chantal Heide said:

I think it’s because we’re built to seek what’s familiar to us; there’s a certain sense of comfort when we’re with someone we feel is like us. There’s no place like home, right?

I mean… maybe it was the fashion era or that time, or the things that were trending, but there’s quite a resemblance:

A study in 2013, says that a lot of us might be strangely attracted to our own faces and therefore people who might look like us. 20 heterosexual couples were asked to look at pictures of seven versions of their partner’s face, with each version being morphed with another face, some of men, others of women. However, in one of the pictures, the partner’s face was mixed with the subject’s face. And when asked in the end, which version they thought was the most attractive, they liked the images where there was a blend of their own faces with their partner’s. Hmm…

But for all those who are interested in how Brad Pitt came to resemble the women he dated, well someone has an explanation for that as well. According to a study done in the late 80s, couples who initially had no resemblance to their partners tended to look alike after 25 years of marriage, meaning there began to appear, ‘subtle shifts in facial wrinkles and other facial contours’. Seems like this whole dating our look-alikes might be due to the fact that we feel more trust ‘for individuals who seem more familiar to us,’ according to Madeleine A. Fugère, the author of The Social Psychology of Attraction and Romantic Relationships.


All in all, there are also couples who purposely choose to dress alike. Like Ryan Abraham, 29, and his boyfriend Ruben, 31. They refer to themselves as #boyfriendtwins! Abraham said:

Sometimes one of us will experiment with something like a new facial hair style, and the other one will like how it looks so he’ll try it too… Some people love it, some people hate it, but we’re happy so that’s all that matters!


Source: Huffpost


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