10 Reasons Why Hollywood Turned Its Back On Hayden Panettiere

Remember the 28-year-old actress and activist Hayden Panettiere? She is most famous for her role as a cheerleader in the series Heroes, but it seems like it all went wrong for her Hollywood career. Nowadays, we can’t really see her in a movie anymore. What happened to her? AunyAcid gives 10 reasons why Hollywood won’t cast Hayden anymore.

The actress certainly looked like she was on the rise to become an Emma Stone or Anna Kendrick, but it didn’t really work out. What happened to her? It seems like Hollywood turned its back on her.

1. What should have been her breakthrough movie was a flop

As Hayden was making the transition from child star into a grown-up actor, coming from movies such as Dinosaur and Remember The Titans, she had the chance to appear in a teen romantic comedy. The movie was called I Love You Beth Cooper, and had Chris Columbus as director. However, the critics and the audience didn’t like it and it was slated for ‘lifeless’ performances, including Hayden Panettiere’s.

2. Her music career failed to produce any hits

Se also started a music career. Her album was in production in 2008 and featured songs that she had written. However, the production failed and nothing happened. Panettiere spoke to Vulture about the failed venture in 2013, saying, “I was a puppet, basically. It wasn’t me.”

3. Heroes wasn’t a career maker

The TV show Heroes should have been the big break for her, but it turned out to be another critical failure.

4. She’s moved away from Hollywood

When Hayden Panettiere was cast in Nashville, she relocated to be a part of the local production in Music City. As she was away from Hollywood for so long, it affected her career. She has commented on her appreciation for her new home, telling The Telegraph that, “There’s a real feeling of community and Southern hospitality. It feels much more genuine than LA and I have never had an easier time making friends.”

5. She stayed in Nashville for too long

Although Nashville has been a game changer for her career, it lasted for too long. This show also started to lose ratings, and it took Hayden’s career down with it, just as Heroes tried to do.

6. Her parents’ divorce ended up costing her

Her parents went through a messy divorce. She even had to pay $100,000 for her father’s fees.

7. Too much typecasting

When you think of Hayden Panettiere, you may picture her as the feisty cheerleader from Heroes. Well, it seems like so does most Hollywood casting agencies. Will she ever convince Hollywood that she’s capable of more? We have yet to see.

8. Nashville almost didn’t cast her

Although Nashville was a huge step forward for Hayden, it was revealed in Vulture that she wasn’t the first choice to play the role.

9. Her Lifetime movie didn’t stand a chance

Lifetime original movies have brought great things to the careers of many Hollywood stars, but it was not the case with Hayden. When she signed up to make a movie about the Amanda Knox trial, Knox herself tried to stop the movie’s production. This backlash plagued the movie.

10. She has terrible luck with indie projects

Lots of stars have made their names by starring in indie projects, but Hayden didn’t have much luck there, either. The independent movies she did weren’t noticed, and mainly ended up being DVD flops.


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