10 Foods You’ll Never Eat Again When You Learn How They’re Made

When it comes to our favorite food items, especially if they are junk food, it seems like there is no force on Earth that will stop us from consuming them in great amounts. However, have you asked yourself where your favorite foods come from? Or, what they go through before they get into your eager hands.

Scroll down to see how some of your favorite foods are really made, courtesy of Auntyacid.

1. Beer

First off, beer. All of the beer fans gather together and brace yourselves. Some of the modern beers contain an ingredient called Isinglass, which comes from a fish’s bladder. Unbelievable, right? Well, it is true. It is used to make the beer clearer. Recently, it has been removed from Guinness’ ingredients list so, maybe switching to dark beer isn’t such a bad idea after all.

2. Salad Dressing

Did you know that salad dressing may contain titanium dioxide, which can be found in sunscreens as well? If you consume it excessively it can make you sick.

3. Jelly beans

Shellac, that you might use it to clean your car gives the jelly beans that distinctive shine. Can you believe that it is actually made out of bugs?

4. Ready meals

According to one documentary made in the UK, these meals are often made in processing plants far from any farms. They are truly unhealthy since some of the ingredients have been frozen many years before being labeled as fresh.

5. Pringles

Did you know that your favorite potato chips, Pringles aren’t actually made from potatoes? They are processed in a way that any nutritional qualities that the ingredients may have had are destroyed. Also, it may create one very hazardous chemical called Acrylamide.

6. Skittles

We are really sorry to disappoint you Skittles lovers, but the red food coloring is made of a coloring called carmine, which is made out of crushed bugs. No more Skittles for me, thanks.

7. Tinned mushrooms

Did you know that the secret ingredient of tinned mushrooms is maggots?  In fact, the US Law permits there to be about 20 maggots per 100 grams of drained mushrooms. I think I’ll pass, thank you.

8. Ice Cream

There is nothing stopping me from eating my favorite food-ice cream. Okay, maybe only vanilla, strawberry and raspberry. It was revealed that these flavors of ice cream contain a natural flavoring called castoreum, which comes from a beaver’s butt. I’ll have chocolate ice cream, please.

9. Marshmallows

There were times before when marshmallows were made out of plants, however now they are made out of gelatin.

10. Packaged beef

Did you know that one of the ingredients in packaged beef is basically a pink slime? Be sure you read the label before buying.

Source: Auntyacid