12+ Ideas You Can Implement To Reduce Waste (They Look Good Too)

It’s never too late to start working on the environment, to start making the world we live in a better place not only for humans but every creature that lives alongside us. Nature is one of the most wonderful things we have been given and it fights every day to keep us existing. That’s why we should also fight, equally, to keep nature as safe as possible and not let it carry the weight of our carelessness.

Research has suggested that we generate about 21.5 million tons of food waste each year. That is to say, in case we composted that food – we would reduce the same amount of greenhouse gas as we would by taking 2 million cars off the roads. Oh, and in an article about waste, it was concluded that humans buy around a million plastic bottles a minute. Since most of the plastic ends up in the ocean, by the year 2015 the ocean might contain more plastic by weight than it does fish. Terrifying.

Scroll below and you’ll see a number of things that people have thought about that are both practical and reduce waste. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. This guy made a fence from random doors.

reduce waste ideas
Photo Credit: bklitzke

2. “My tour guide’s tool for picking up littered bottles along the trail.”

reduce waste ideas
Photo Credit: ShutThyMouth

3. Sometimes, the necessary means need to be taken.

Photo Credit: Merytz

4. “My mom’s husband is a pilot so he wraps all his gifts in old flight maps.”

Photo Credit: ConspiracyBarbie

5. “We detrashed a lake in Texas! 4,000 pounds of beer bottles and beer cans. With about 30 scuba divers and 4 boats. Did it in about 4 hours.”

Photo Credit: Millennialdad72

6. “Didn’t want to waste the failed films so I turned them into little paintings.”

Photo Credit: pastel_lamb

7. “Turning Christmas cards into tags for next year.”

Photo Credit: OfficerUnreasonable

8. “My pantry after harvest season is finally over.”

Photo Credit: eloquinee

9. “My mom is slowly knitting a scarf made completely from tea bag strings.”

Photo Credit: officialhunt

10. These stuffed whales are made from old jeans.

Photo Credit: imtoomatcha

11. “My old music used as wrapping paper!”

Photo Credit: Beanut_Putterr

12. “Make a baby dress out of an old button-up shirt!”

Photo Credit: tammyrich

13. “Had a friend complain about straw bans saying that they’re not even a real litter/marine debris issue. So I did a quick 10 minute sweep of 300ft of shoreline to prove them wrong.”

Photo Credit: twirlies

14. “I hadn’t used my reusable bags because I’m pretty socially anxious and was worried about the cashier being frustrated/ it being a big deal. But used this for the first time today!”

Photo Credit: ilovespaceack

15. “Needed an organizer so I made one out of cardboard instead of purchasing one.”

Photo Credit: wahlb3rg

16. “Got my first sewing machine for Christmas, made “unpaper” towels to reduce our paper towel waste. They clasp together so it is easy to know which are clean.”

Photo Credit: xitssammi


Any thoughts or additions of your own to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.


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